I’m not going to hide the fact that I like “American Idol” or that I watch it religiously–of course, enough to blog about it. But I’m getting tired of how predictable it is sometimes. Last night’s results show was proof of that. As the show began, and Ryan Seacrest mentioned the “judge’s save” again, I turned to Mrs. Mike and said that tonight was the night they were going to save someone. When Seacrest announced that the producers had told him the results were “shocking”…well then, we all knew for sure the judges would use their save, without even knowing who had the lowest number of votes.

After all that, Seacrest introduced the Top 9 and they sang a Beatles medley, pre-recorded and auto-tuned for our listening pleasure.

Then the results began. Seacrest had Siobhan, Crystal and Katie join him on the center of the stage. He then told Crystal she was safe, and immediately after that told Siobhan and Katie that they were safe as well. Nice going, Ryan. Then he said the ladies were all safe, and it made me realize for the first time that so far in the finals, all of the eliminated contestants have been women. Interesting.

Then Jason Derulo came out and performed, and as he is one of judge Kara DioGuardi’s proteges, she was beaming and so was Simon Cowell. But hey, the dude was really good…he could sing, dance and the song wasn’t horrible.

After that, Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” for Beatles week, a song that helped launch him to high heights two seasons ago. Dude sounded good but looked like he’d grown up overnight. And as young Idol hopefuls go, Aaron Kelly could take lessons from Archuleta on how to sing and how to perform like you mean it.

Then Seacrest had the guys break into two groups–Lee, Casey and Tim; and Michael, Aaron and Andrew. Then he put Ellen DeGeneres on the spot, asking her which group she thought was the Bottom 3. She chose the latter group, and Seacrest told her she was right. So Lee, Casey and Tim were all safe. Ugh, more Tim Urban! The dude has like sixteen lives on this show.

So your Bottom 3–Michael, Aaron and Andrew. Seacrest then sent Aaron Kelly back to safety. Ugh. Down to Michael and Andrew.

Then Rihanna sang her new single, “Rock Star 101.” Not only does this song have an awful title, the song itself was awful. And what was that Catwoman suit she was wearing? And what was Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” doing playing guitar in her band?

Back to the results. The person who was safe this week between Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia? Andrew! So big Michael Lynche was the “shocker” with the least amount of votes. Big drama, right? Well, we all knew right then and there that the judges would save him. Then Big Mike sang “Woman’s Work” again and the judges pretended to deliberate. Simon then pretended that he was going to boot Mike off the show, but winked and said it was unanimous and that he’d be back next week. Um, predictable! The judges were even high-fiving each other, as if to say, “How awesome are we?” Sickening, just sickening.

Thankfully though, mercifully, this judge’s save thing is over with. That means next week two contestants will be voted off. I hope one of them is Big Mike just to show the judges how stupid they are. Let’s face it, Mike is not going to win this thing.

Okay, so we’re right back where we were last week, except that next week we will get down to the final 7. Your thoughts? Was it as predictable as I just mapped out? Thanks for reading and see you next week!