Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” they showed O’Neal sweating it out as he was about to join the blue team, but did not know which blue team member was eliminated until they walked through the door one by one, with his daughter Sunshine being the last to enter the room. Of course, it makes you wonder why he didn’t ask one of the other blue teamers who was eliminated rather than to be left hanging like that. Naturally, O’Neal was thrilled that it was Miggy who was sent home and not Sunshine.

Host Allison Sweeney then told the teams that they would be working real jobs this week. They had limited workout time because they would be bused to the Feed America food bank to work, having to pack their lunch and everything, to simulate what it would be like once they get home.

But before this, they had the main challenge of the day, which was to literally pull blue and black colored semi trucks, picking up puzzle pieces along the way to spell out “The Biggest Loser,” and the winning team won a year’s worth of groceries. The blue team, however, has big dudes with one woman (Sunshine), while the black team has one dude (Sam) and five women, some of which are small-ish at this point, at least compared to the guys. Still, the black team made it closer than you would expect, but the blue team ultimately won.

Then they showed the contestants at work, including about 10 or 12 shots of Michael falling asleep on the bus. A dude named Big Steve came into the lunchroom to talk to them, asking for tips on how he could lose weight. Hopefully they have him slated for next season already, because dude needs it. Then Sam pretended to forget his lunch, prompting a product placement visit to a nearby Subway for Sam and Stephanie.

Then after fast-forwarding through the last chance workouts (sorry NBC), it was time to watch the weigh in. It was at this point that Mrs. Mike and I realized who Michael looks like with his bandana and big bushy hair….Richard Simmons. Dude was ready to sweat to the oldies right then and there.

The blue team went first, leading off with O’Neal, who lost 5 pounds. Sunshine lost 7, Michael 9, and Koli 10. Koli has now lost a whopping 97 pounds! Daris lost 9 and Lance 10, giving the blue team a 50 pound weight loss this week, or 2.71%.

The black team needed more than 38 pounds of weight loss to win, and they led off in good shape with Andrea losing 7 pounds and Ashley 8. Cheryl was next and lost 5, and her pal Sherry also lost 5 pounds. Stephanie was next and lost 3, and it was up to Sam to bring it home, and he needed most than 10 pounds. Dude looks pretty thin and muscular, so I don’t think anyone thought he could do it…and he didn’t losing just 4 pounds. That gave the black team 32 pounds of weight loss, or 2.27%.

The black team then deliberated a bit, and Andrea asked them all how far they were from their goal weight. Sam was pretty close, but some of the others were too. They were talking about Sam and Cheryl, but I couldn’t understand why no one mentioned Stephanie, who lost the least amount of weight this past week.

At the voting, Sam voted for Cheryl, and so did Stephanie. Cheryl voted for Stephanie (there ya go!), Sherry voted for Sam….and then, Ashley voted for Cheryl, giving her enough votes to go home. See ya Cheryl!

Overall, Cheryl has gone from 227 pounds to 164 and is doing great at home. And the blue team still looks pretty dominant, but we’ll see how that all plays out. These producers like to change things up, so it’s only a matter of time before they make them go back to two-person teams again.

What do you all think? I think Stephanie dodged a bullet, to be honest. See you next week!