It’s tempting at a time like this to pontificate (I just discarded a paragraph where I did just that). Honestly, though, I really don’t have a clue what happened to Corey Haim, who will forever be known as one of the stars of “The Lost Boys,” one of the “The Two Coreys” and one half of a Hollywood punchline, and why he died from what appear to be drug-related causes at 38.

All I can do is wonder what it must be like to get singled out at age 16 for a bit of praise on television by one of the nation’s two top-film critics, and then a few years later to be frequently name-checked in an insulting way by, seemingly, everyone; to get referenced in a hit song, ironically by a band that’s also in danger of becoming something of a footnote;  and, of course, to find yourself trading on your own embarrassing form of celebrity. It certainly can’t make getting off drugs any easier, but then we all have problems, right? Also, I can’t lie and tell you he had the stuff to be another Montgomery Clift, though, looking at his credits, he worked more than most of us remember.

Anyhow, because it’s the thing to do, here is Corey Haim in his moment of glory.