We were pimping Danny Cahill to win this season of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC all along, not only because he didn’t seem like a gameplayer, but because he was one of the most genuinely good guys and kind-hearted contestants we’ve seen on the show. Well, after winning last Tuesday, we had the chance to participate in a conference call with Danny the next day, and despite only being able to ask one question ourselves, we did get to listen in on the entire call and all of our feelings about Danny were confirmed–good champion, good guy.

There is no nonsense with Danny. He simply followed what he did on the ranch when he had to spend four months at home continuing the program, and he also inspired his wife and countless fans to lose weight along with him.

“I receive emails every day that say that I’ve inspired (fans) to lose weight,” said Cahill. “So I just hope that I can continue to be that inspiration because that’s what my goal is, is to pay it forward and to be an inspiration to everyone that I come in contact with.”

But despite being a favorite during the season, he had stiff competition from runner-up Rudy Pauls and worried up to the final weigh in about whether or not he could win.

“Before I got on the scale when I walked out I hadn’t seen Rudy,” admitted Danny. “They kept us sequestered, the final four, we did not see anyone. And when I walked out and saw Rudy I was amazed and I was, yeah, I was worried.”

And with an astounding 55.58% weight loss, Danny edged out Rudy (52.94%). But now that Cahill has the title, he’s going to continue to pay it forward as well as coach football (albeit with more spunk) and also pursue more of a career in music, something he’d put on the back burner for years because of his weight.

“Yes that’s definitely in my plans,” said Cahill. “In fact the song “Second Chance” that I wrote (and performed on the show) I’ve recorded and am excited to get it out. And I want to write more music. I’ve actually written a few songs since I’ve been home. And my creative juices are flowing again, you know.”

As for the upcoming holidays, and how he plans to keep indulgence in check during a time when we all like to indulge, Cahill said he’ll take lessons he learned from trainer Jillian Michaels.

“You’ve got to know that you can’t do it all the time,” he said. “And that really taught me a lesson. So, yeah, Christmas I am going to have a glass of eggnog. I’m going to have a Christmas cookie but I’m just not going to have a plateful of Christmas cookies and a whole half of gallon of eggnog.”