Disney has acquired the rights to do a new version of The Diary of Anne Frank, this time to be written and directed by David Mamet. I know the temptation here is to start making dumb (but possibly funny) jokes about F-words being thrown into this latest version of the frequently filmed accidental classic and classroom perennial. However, this is not the first time Mamet has dealt with family-friendly material. His 1999 G-rated version of Terence Rattigan’s “The Winslow Boy” was a genuine treat and was also drawn from real, though far happier, events.

By the way, via IMDb, I count nine previous versions of the Anne Frank diary itself (not including numerous productions expanding on what was in the actual diary) mostly made for television. There was also an anime version in 1995.

Considering Frank’s legendary postive view of mankind, a post of mine from last year responding to an op-ed by Mamet might be of some interest here.