So remember last week at the end of the episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” where Gordon Ramsay said he was shutting down the restaurant? You all knew this was fabricated drama, right? So the show opens last night with Ramsay saying the reason he’s shutting down Hell’s Kitchen is that the final 5 contestants are going to Atlantic City, to the Borgata Hotel & Casino where one of them will be excecutive chef of their own restaurant. Ramsay wanted them to have a taste of what they are competing for. All that for that? Please.

They arrived at the Borgata via limos and private jets and had the opportunity to see the space that will house said restaurant soon. Then, at dinner with some of the Borgata’s top executives, something went wrong. Robert started having real chest pains and was sent to the hospital. Competition or not, they all love Robert and wanted him to be okay. So while Danny, Paula, Andrea and Ben tasted the good life a bit and flew back to Los Angeles without Robert, Ramsay called a meeting once they arrived. He then brought Robert into the room, but the news wasn’t good. Robert had pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the walls around one’s heart, and an early sign of heart disease. Robert was okay, but he was not able to continue in the competition. Everyone was bummed, especially Robert, who, let’s face it, is about 200 pounds overweight. Ramsay told him that had he stayed, Robert had a legitimate shot to win this thing. So sadly, Robert left and it was now down to the final 4.

Ramsay had them make a signature dish for their challenge, using anything in the Hell’s Kitchen fridges and pantry. The winner would be safe from elimination that night, a huge prize. Danny made some sort of citrus scallops, which Ramsay said looked awful but tasted great; Andrea made a tuna sushi thing that Ramsay surprisingly loved; Paula make a smoke salmon ceviche (blech) which Ramsay also loved; and Ben made tiger prawns, the only dish of the four that Ramsay did not like. So it was down to Danny, Paula and Andrea, and he chose Andrea’s tuna.
This riled up the other three, because Andrea was supposedly the weakest link of the remaining four, and she was safe for one more week.

At the dinner service that night, things started off strong, but then Andrea was screwing up left and right, pretty much like she always does…mostly by not properly cooking fish. Ben, meanwhile, was also having trouble, prompting Ramsay to ask if Ben was “shutting down” and then shouting, as he seems to do every episode, “GET OUT!” Ben went into the walk in fridge and then came out re-charged. Whatever.

Ramsay declared the dinner service “bad” and cited the lack of teamwork, motivation and fight among the final 4. He asked for each contestant to choose two nominees for elimination, but since Andrea had a pass, she was the only one whose votes mattered. Andrea chose Ben and Paula, citing Ben’s mistakes and Paula’s lack of communication. But after Ramsay asked Ben to state his case, he did the same with Paula and abruptly cut her off, saying “Paula, get back in line!” He knew she was too talented to be on the chopping block. Then, he asked Andrea to step forward herself. Ramsay said that Andrea would have been going home if she hadn’t been declared safe, and that since he was a man of his word, she should get back in line. Then, he left Ben dangling for a minute before telling him to also get back in line. You all knew this was going to happen, right? Robert left the show, so they had no need to eliminate someone this week.

So now we officially have the final 4…..clearly, Danny and Paula are the best chefs and make the least mistakes in the kitchen….so you have to believe Ben and Andrea are going home next, setting up the big cage match we’re all waiting for between Danny and Paula. And you know Ramsay is going to do everything in his power to ensure that finale.

We’re almost done, folks……only a few more weeks of “Hell’s Kitchen!” Robert, if you’re reading this….I hope you get well soon and I know everyone who follows this show feels the same. See you all next week….