First thing’s first: tonight’s episode must had one of the coolest titles in the history of television. It’s exactly this kind of geek humor that makes the “Lost” writing team one of the best in the business. (Check out Will Harris’ interview with executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for further proof.) In fact, I liked it so much that it wouldn’t have even mattered if it didn’t make any sense in the end, but as it turned out, it did, and suffice it to say that it led to one of the biggest laughs of the night. I thought for sure Hurley was scribbling something in his journal a little more important than a script for “The Empire Strikes Back,” but then again, that’s Hurley for you. His scenes with Miles have helped fill the void ever since the big guy became friends with Sawyer, and though tonight’s episode was all about Miles, it was a great to have Hurley along for the ride.

Along with Faraday, Miles has been one of my favorite characters since his arrival in Season Four, so it was nice to finally get some backstory other than the brief bits we saw in the episode featuring his first appearance. I believe Cuse and Lindelof intended to address Miles’ past at some point last year, but had to cut the story when the season was shortened by the strike. Whatever the reason, it actually worked for the better now that the Losties have travelled back in time. We always knew that his sixth sense was the reason he was recruited by Widmore, and some of us have even had the hunch that Marvin Candle (or Pierre Chang) was his father when it was suggested that he had previously visited the island, but I don’t think anyone realized that Miles knew as well.

As it turns out, he’s known ever since his third day as a member of the Dharma Initiative when he spotted his mother in the lunch line at the cafeteria. (At least he didn’t hit on her à la “Back to the Future.”). Heck, he even saw himself as a baby later on, which begs to ask the question: is Miles’ special ability a product of his time on the island or is it just sheer coincidence? I don’t think we’re going to find out the answer to that just yet, but one thing we do know is that Miles is adamant about not wanting to meet his father. He’s more or less forced to, though, when Horace gives him a special assignment to deliver a package (read: dead body) to Candle at the Swan station.

It’s there that we learn that Candle really is Miles’ father (“Dude, that guy’s a total douche.” “That douche is my dad.”), so leave it Hurley to try and help Candle make the connection while pretending to ask questions about his family nonchalantly. Candle didn’t bite, but he does seem to trust Miles more after their day together (which included a stop off at a mysterious location that happens to be the future site of the hatch, numbers and all), and he even requested his company on the way to pick up some scientists from the submarine. Of course, when Faraday walks off that very submarine seconds later, it’s hard to care about anything that happened in the 59 minutes prior to that. What has everyone’s favorite physicist been up to this whole time? Or perhaps more importantly, where? My money is on his being at Oxford doing his time travel thing, but if that’s the case, why wouldn’t he remember his past with Dharma before?

On an unrelated note, there were a couple of other interesting bits in tonight’s episode that are certainly worth mentioning. For starters, the Egyptian lesson on the blackboard that Jack was cleaning is probably worth mining for info. Bonus points to anyone who can post answers in the comment section below. The other item had to do with Miles’ drive-by kidnapping during the final flashback sequence, where he was warned by a group of guys to stay away from Widmore’s freighter. The interesting part of this exchange is that the leader of the group, Bram, is the same guy who has just taken control of the present day island with Ilana, the one person who didn’t appear phased during the second plane crash. Could Ben be planning a takeover? And if so, is it Locke he’s after, or Richard?