Last night’s “American Idol” results show was a bit different than the past two weeks, because there was no mentor working with the contestants, and instead the theme was popular iTunes downloads. That meant guest appearances from #1 artist Lady GaGa and also from last season’s Idol, David Cook.

But first they recapped the previous night’s performances, along with snippets of the judges’ comments. Here was a gem from Paula that I forgot to write about yesterday, when she was draping praise over Adam Lambert: “True genius does not fulfill expectations, true genius shatters expectations.” Ugh. How much did you hire someone to write that for you, Paula?

Then after showing a typical day in the life of the Idol hopefuls, there was a group performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and it wasn’t awful. Scott even got to play the piano instead of wandering around the stage aimlessly and trying not to trip on national TV. And Adam got to do a real scream, not a forced one.

Then, on to business….Ryan Seacrest broke them up into groups of three–Kris, Matt and Megan; Adam, Lil and Allison; and Scott, Danny and Anoop. He asked which of them we thought was the Bottom 3. I knew better…there would be one from each group to make up the bottom. Then David Cook arrived to sing his new single, “Come Back To Me” and was presented with a platinum album. He started tearing up, and for good reason…he told Seacrest that in 2006 he sold 1000 copies of an album he released on his own, and now he sells 1 million copies of his major label debut in 3 months, thanks to the power of the show. Damn.

Then the results….Kris Allen and Matt Giraud, safe. Megan Joy, you are in the Bottom 3, but not before you flap your arms like a giant bird and make that ridiculous cawing sound. There are a few screws loose with that girl, I’m just sayin’. Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds, safe. Allison Iraheta, Bottom 3. Wow, Allison really took a dive this week. Danny Gokey, safe. Scott McIntyre and Anoop Desai…which one would be safe? Of course it was Scott. So your Bottom 3 looked like this–Megan, Allison and Anoop.

But first, a performance by the woman who holds the #1 single in the country right now, Lady GaGa singing “Poker Face.” Raise your hand if don’t get this artist. That’s what I thought. She looked like Magda from “There’s Something About Mary” and had some weird moves and vocal lines that were all over the place. Go ahead, try to sing the melody to that song today. I must be getting old, that’s all.

Anyway, before Seacrest announced the person going home, he asked Simon Cowell if any of the Bottom 3 were worth saving. He said only one, and I’m guessing he meant Allison. Well, Ryan sent Allison back to safety, leaving Anoop and Megan. Mrs. Mike thought for sure it would be Anoop, but I wasn’t so sure…Megan was so bad on Tuesday that not even Vote For the Worst could save her, and I was right. Megan had said to Simon before she flapped her wings into the Bottom 3 chairs, “I love you Simon, but I don’t care what you think about me.” That came back to bite her in the ass, because Simon said, “we don’t care either” and that they weren’t going to use their save on her. Yikes. So Megan got to sing her way out with no pressure, and was going home to her two year old son. Good for her and good for all of us!

Next up to leave will probably be Anoop or Matt or Scott, but they have all shown that they can be near the top of the performances on any given night too. It all comes down to song choice, and next week each singer will perform a song from the year that they were born.

And remember, true genius does not fulfill expectations, true genius shatters expectations. Ha, I can’t say that without laughing!