Last night’s “American Idol” results show was just a bit shocking as Ryan Seacrest promised at the start of the show, before or after boasting that 31 million viewers voted on Tuesday night. Dude, we’re proud of you for keeping the network and the producers smiling. Anyway, Grand Ole Opry week continued with a recap of Tuesday’s performances, a group number, a behind-the-scenes look at the little party they threw for Jorge and Jasmine after being eliminated last week, and the Ford video in which the finalists were having a water balloon fight. Nice.

Then it was on to the results….Danny Gokey, safe; Lil Rounds, safe; Anoop Desai, safe; Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver, both in the bottom 3. Okay, I get Michael, but Allison? She was awesome Tuesday. I’m telling you people, Scott and Megan are stealing votes from better singers. Then Brad Paisley came out and sang his incredibly bland new single, “Then.” Look, I live in Nashvegas but I’m not a fan of most of the formulaic crap that Music Row spits out. But Paisley plays a mean guitar, I’ll give him that.

Then back to business. Scott McIntyre, safe; Megan Joy Corkrey, safe. At this point I’m doing the math. Someone is going to be eliminated that shouldn’t be. Matt Giraud, who is rocketing up the likeability chart, safe; Kris Allen, safe. That left Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert. Adam’s weird Jeff Buckley version of “Ring of Fire” really hurt him, but it was Alexis in the bottom 3. She looked pissed, and understandably, quite surprised.

Then Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis did a duet of a new song called “I Told You So,” which really was pretty decent. The only problem was that Travis was looking at Underwood throughout the song like a creepy old man. But still pretty decent!

Allison Iraheta, you’ve sweat long enough, back to safety. So it was down to Michael and Alexis. The judges announced that they might use their one “save” on one of them, but not the other. Well, Michael was safe and Alexis stood alone with Ryan Seacrest, knowing her only hope of remaining on the show was if the judges decided she was worthy. They announced that it was Alexis they were thinking of saving, but that she had to sing for her life, basically. The judges huddled while she sang “Jolene” again with so much desperation in her voice that it actually cracked three or four times. Weird, just weird! The judges then said it was unanimous, and that they were sending Alexis home.

It sucks, because she had so much potential, but really, here is what the judges said to each other: “This girl is not the next American Idol.” Well, first they all said how much they loved themselves, and then they came to that conclusion. And they were right, because while Alexis may have ultimately reached the top 3 or top 4, she was not going to win this thing.

Next week President Obama messes with the schedule again by giving a speech on Tuesday, making Idol Wednesday and Thursday. So we’ll be here with the recaps Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. See you all then…now go watch some basketball!