So after Mandi of the blue team was eliminated last week on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” host Alison Sweeney had the black team also come back in for another announcement. Uh-oh, another twist? These producers can’t sit still, can they? Anyway, the twist this week was that everyone would be going home to be with their families for a full week, and then return to Hollywood to weigh in. Everyone was excited and it was great to see the familys’ reactions, except for Ron’s son and Mike’s brother Max, who is also huge and could have been and still should be a contestant on the show.

But wait, they can’t make it easy, can they? Each contestant, within minutes of being home, received a package from “The Biggest Loser,” a tin of giant sugar cookies, and a DVD of Alison telling them they would each be running a half-marathon this week. The winner would take home $10,000. Wow. But wait, there’ s a catch. For each cookie that someone eats, they can add 5 minutes to someone else’s time. They all joked around that they wanted to add as many five minute increments to Tara’s time as possible, but not many of them actually at the cookies as we’ll find out shortly.

Naturally, Tara won the race, but Sione would have won if he hadn’t pulled up lame in the final mile. Still, he limped to the finish line, but he came in second. Everyone else finished except Ron, who walked four miles because of his bad knees. So then Alison asked if anyone ate the cookies. No one gave Sione any penalty, but Helen ate one cookie to penalize Tara and add five minutes to her time. That gave Sione the victory, which ultimately was fair because of his injury, but still pissed off Tara especially because she was sabotaged by her own teammate.

Along with Mikey’s brother Max, Aubrey’s dad is huge, admittedly weighing over 500 pounds. Aubrey tried to tell him he needs to get his act together, but the dad isn’t buying into it just yet, and that bums her out.

Finally, everyone was back and had their last chance workout, their only workout of the week with Bob and Jillian training them. Then came the weigh in. Would the black team finally lose a challenge? Mikey lost 8 pounds, Laura 6, Tara 2, Sione 4, Filipe 7 and Helen 7. All pretty good numbers, except for Tara, who is clearly hitting a wall at this point. The total was 34 pounds, or 2.35%. The blue team now consists of Aubrey, Cathy, Kristin and Ron, and is shrinking every week. Aubrey lost 5 pounds, Ron 10, but Kristin gained a pound and her mom Cathy lost just one pound, handing the blue team another loss. Cathy stepped up and asked for her team to send her home, an unselfish act and an outcome her team ultimately, unanimously, agreed with.

Cathy went home to Green Bay and to date has lost 78 pounds, down from 293 to 215, and she vowed that we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between her and Kristin at the finale. You go, Cathy! See you all next week, when there are sure to be more twists and turns. Ugh, is anyone else annoyed with this show’s format as I am?