My guess is that few, if any of us, remember the movie “Mac and Me.” A movie staring an alien that is separated from his family, searches for them, evades the government and dances in a McDonald’s, all with the aid of a child in a wheelchair (think “ET” but without being able to ride a bike). A post on Filmdrunk shows a clip from “Conan” where Paul Rudd plays a scene from “Mac and Me” instead of one from his movie “Role Models.” It has apparently been a rolling joke on the show, with Paul Rudd going straight to this scene from “Mac and Me,” forgoing the promotion of the film in which he’s starring.

As a way to further jog your memory, here is a behind the scenes clip with the painted one himself, Ronald McDonald, who introduces the movie:

With all the shameless self-promotion done in the name of the golden arches, I’ve come up with a formula for “Mac and Me.” It goes something like this: Ronald McDonald + “Mac and Me” + McDonald’s dance party in “Mac and Me” = the greatest product placement movie in history.

Gives new meaning to the phrase Mac attack.