According to James Hibberd, NBC has given up the ghost on Christian Slater’s schizophrenic spy drama, “My Own Worst Enemy,” and their Brooke-Shields-starring estrogen-fest, “Lipstick Jungle.”

Cancelled? Looks like I picked the right day to start drinking again.”

The loss of the latter is not entirely surprising, given that it couldn’t seem to find a terribly strong fan base no matter where the network placed it on its schedule. As for the departure of the former, however, it begs at least two very important questions:

1) Why does NBC insist on premiering shows in the post-“Heroes” timeslot and, when they don’t succeed there, refuse to try them out in any other timeslot? They did it to “Journeyman,” and they did it to “Studio 60.” (Granted, “Studio 60” was eventually aired elsewhere, but not until after it had already gotten its walking papers.)

2) How much money must NBC have invested in “Knight Rider” to keep that dog of a series afloat but kick “My Own Worst Enemy” to the curb?