Their movements seem simple enough, but snakes are hard to animate well. Heck, even the snakes in “Snakes on a Plane” looked dodgy, and they presumably had ten times the budget that the makers of “Vipers” had. Needless to say, any straight-to-video release about genetically altered vipers (who have super-potent venom and crave human flesh, dunt dunt duuuhhhhhh) has no choice but to look cheesy, and the snakes in “Vipers,” well, don’t look much better than this one.

That’s a far cry from the DVD cover, which shows vipers the size of anacondas, their mouths agape like the snakes in the old-school video game “Dragon’s Lair.” Tara Reid is the top-billed actor, and thankfully they don’t have her miscast as a doctor or scientist; in fact, she runs a greenhouse and is found to be growing weed, yuk yuk. After two early kill scenes, the movie plunges us head-first into some Eden Island melodrama. Teenaged daughter hates parents, parents hate each other, woman blames Tara Reid for breaking it off with her fiancé who ultimately signed up for the military and died, etc. None of it really matters after the halfway mark, because most of these characters are dead. Corbin Bernsen pops up here and there as a different kind of viper, the corporate exec who is tight with Homeland Security and willing to bomb the island in order to save his company’s bottom line. It’s all very Sci-Fi Channel (and makes it debut on that channel this Sunday), though the DVD release features some ramped up gore, language and boobies. If you need a snakes-run-amok movie, seriously, go rent “Snakes on a Plane.” It’s not great, but it’s better than this.

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