Heroes, Week 20: You Dropped A Bomb On Me

C’mon, did you really expect any other subject line?

You know, for all the talk about how Mr. Linderman’s plan to drop the bomb (so to speak) and destroy New York smacks of Ozymandius’s endgame in “Watchmen,” I dare say this week’s episode will have people saying, “Is it just me, or is this a whole lot like like a cross between the ‘Days of Future Past’ saga in ‘The Uncanny X-Men’ and the plot of ‘X-Men 3‘?” And they’ll be right. I mean, seriously, you go check out those Wikipedia entries, then come back here and tell me that I’m wrong…

Also, am I the only one who, at approximately 43 minutes into the show, uttered an obscenity under their breath? Holy mother of God, was that some shit or WHAT? But we’ll get to that…

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“Johnny Drama, you just got got!”

We all saw it coming from a mile away, but that didn’t stop the writers of “Entourage” from attempting to make Johnny Drama’s little run-in with UFC champ Chuck Liddell a pure coincidence. Upon hearing that Pauly Shore has personally requested Turtle’s assistance in punking Drama on his new reality series, “Gothca!” (think Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” with even less talent behind it), Drama tells Turtle to sign him up with the hope that it will raise his profile.

Of course, when Drama mistakes a parking incident with Liddell as part of the show, he earns a new enemy in the “WWE wannabe” and comes home to discover a threatening message from Liddell on his answering machine. That was enough to sell me on the concept that maybe this was a coincidental occurrence, but as soon as Turtle suggested they go to Liddell’s charity event to apologize, I knew what was coming. Liddell makes Drama get on his knees and beg for mercy in front of hundreds of people, and Pauly Shore rushes out to tell Drama that he’s just got got. What the hell does that even mean?

Meanwhile, Ari’s old frat brother, Scott Siegel (Artie Lang), comes to town to visit, and while the guy’s apparently always been a bit of a fuck-up, it looks like he’s finally pulled it together. He’s a multi-millionaire (thanks to a website he founded called stamps.com) and he’s got a hot new fiancée (Leslie Bibb) that makes Ari furious. You see, he’s always been the alpha male of the two, so in order to regain a little control of their friendship, he decides to start hitting on Scott’s soon-to-be-wife, because, well, that’s what Scott used to do to Mrs. Ari. It was classic Ari at his best, but none of it was necessary.

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Just what Tony needs: another vice

I’ve got to start this week by giving props to BF, the reader who pointed out last week that I failed to mention Tony’s gambling. Clearly it’s become a serious problem, as BF predicted, to the point that Tony considered clipped Hesh rather than having to pay him the $200k he owed him. But then Hesh’s girl Renata died and Tony, ever the caring friend, showed up to offer Hesh his condolences and a paper sack filled with cash. Of course, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought Tony had Renata killed up until he showed up to pay Hesh his money.

This is the first episode of the new pseudo-season that fell a little flat for me. Obviously, Tony’s gambling has suddenly become a big storyline, and you’ve got to wonder just how big of a role it plays in these final five episodes. Tony was out of control this week, losing $20,000 on a horse named Meadow Gold and then, after caving in and deciding to give widow Spatafore the $100k she asked for to give her and, more importantly, her deranged son (more on that later) a fresh start, he took that money and bet it (and lost it) on the Eagles because the Dolphins had to rely on a rookie kicker. The interesting note about all of this was the reaction Chris had when Tony decided to throw that money at the Eagles; if anybody knows dangerous addictive behavior, it’s Chris. Is he going to try to help Tony? Will that drive a wedge even further between the two?

Of course, the central problem was the fight between Tony and Carm after Carm refused to roll her earnings from the spec house into a bet on the Jets over the Chargers. Tony had inside info on the game and wanted to turn her windfall into a million-dollar payday but she refused, saying it’s her money and that she’s determined to not end up like Ginny Sack once Tony’s gone. Well, the Jets roll 42-10 and Tony’s pissed because he “only” put $10,000 on the game. “When I’m gone, you can live in a fucking dumpster for all I care,” Tony says after Carm chucked a vase at him. Yikes. He smoothed things over later, at least temporarily, but as well as things seemed to have been going between Tony and Carm so far, you knew something was bound to happen. I just figured it would be the Adriana questions, though I’m sure those will crop up again soon enough.

As for little Vito Spatafore…dude, that kid’s screwed up. Going hardcore Goth is bad enough, but taking a dump in the school shower? And then stepping in it?! Ewwww! As is often the case with this show, I’m not entirely sure where this storyline is going to go or what its purpose will be, but it may be as simple as the added tension it’s added to Tony’s relationship with Phil. If somebody should be stepping up to set the kid straight, it probably should be Phil since he’s Vito’s uncle or cousin (or whatever), and since he’s the one who offed papa Vito last season. But since Tony’s the one cleaning up the mess, you can bet he wasn’t lying when he told his guys he wouldn’t forget that Phil refused to step up.

Then there’s AJ, who finally looked to be getting his life in order. He’s got a woman he loves, a decent job (pizza shop manager, baby!) and, finally, some motivation. He asks Blanca to marry him and when she hesitates, he tells her that he’s going to keep moving up the ladder at work and in a couple of years, he’ll own his own restaurant. You had to feel sorry for the guy when she turned around and dumped him a couple days later, but I think another reader made a great observation a couple of weeks ago: Blanca’s pregnant. This one is obviously a guess but she’s been acting strange all season and, when Meadow mentioned that someone was expecting a baby, she looked very uncomfortable. Hmm….

Finally, two small notes. First, it looks like the two Arabs from the Bada Bing are going to finally come back into play. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. And Tony had a nice little callback to last season when he was talking to Vito, saying, “You go about in pity for yourself.” If you remember, that was a saying someone pinned to the bulletin board in Tony’s hospital room after Junior shot him, and he said the same thing to Artie a few episodes later. With the gambling issues and the general problems he’s been having recently, it seems Tony’s the one indulging in a bit of self-pity.


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TV DVD QT, Vol. 7

Walker: Texas Ranger: The Complete Second Season – Honestly, we really shouldn’t even cover this release, given how poorly the poor bastard did in our Badass Bracket. I mean, honestly, it was shameful…almost as shameful as the fact that there ain’t a single special feature on this seven-disc set. Then again, if you’re enough of a fan of the adventures of Chuck Norris’s Texas-based Martial Arts master, you probably won’t care, anyway.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Season 2, Volume 2 – So tired…so very, very tired…of this show coming out on DVD. If they cared enough to release the first two seasons on DVD, why in God’s sake did they feel obliged to stretch it into four separate sets? I mean, good lord, they’re releasing “Land of the Giants” (another Irwin Allen series) in a Complete Series set. They couldn’t at least put each season of “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” in its own box? Oh, well, the DVD producers at least deserve some credit for stretching out the special features as well, so that each set gets some; this time, you get still galleries as well as interviews with David Hedison (Captain Crane).

Moonlighting: Season Five – It’s nice of Lions Gate to finish up the release of “Moonlighting” by getting the show’s final season into stores, and it’s even nicer that we continue to get special features – audio commentaries (one with producers Glenn Gordon Caron and Jay Daniel on the season premiere, another with director Dennis Dugan on the series finale) as well as the original screen test of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as an on-screen couple – but we could’ve done with a little more details as to where to find them. The accompanying booklet provides in-depth episode synopses and a reference to the existence of the special features, but no clarification as to what features are on what disc. If you’ve forgotten how the show ended, David Addison returned to the offices of Blue Moon Investigations after Bert and Agnes’s wedding, only to find an ABC executive packing things up. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re cancelled.” After tearful goodbyes are said, we get a closing title card which reveals that the agency ceased operations on May 14, 1989, and the Anselmo case was never solved. Damn!

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Possibly the most lax “WKRP” blog ever

This is barely worth posting about, but it made me laugh.

I was doing a search to see if any other reviewers had commented on the fact that the “WKRP in Cincinnati: The Complete First Season” box set contains two featurettes, neither of which are among the three featurettes that had been trumpeted in the press release for the set, and I found this blog – http://wkrp.blogspot.com – that’s dedicated to the show.

Here are the first two sentences from the most recent entry:

“How time flies. The first season DVD set was released two days ago, and I completely forgot about it.”

Yep. That’s dedication for you.

Be sure to check out some of the other entries as well, many of which focus specifically on actress Jan Smithers and her character on the show, Bailey Quarters. Now, I admit, I’ve rarely been in a discussion about “WKRP” where I didn’t mention that I preferred Bailey to Jennifer (Marlowe, Loni Anderson’s character), but, still, dig this comment:

I had a debate with some guys recently about who was more desirable–Bailey from “WKRP” or Kaylee from “Firefly.” This is a tough call, but I still vote for Bailey.

I find myself mostly just fascinated about how that particular debate began, who was involved, and, perhaps most importantly, what stages it went through before reaching the pinnacle where the participants said, “Okay, so we’ve narrowed it down to two: Bailey Quarters from ‘WKRP’ and that chick who was the engineer on ‘Firefly.'”


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