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The less naughty trailer for “Your Highness”

For some odd reason, the safe-for-work green band trailer for this fun looking blend of stoner comedy, Hope/Crosby road picture and old school sword & sorcery isn’t as funny as the NSFW red band trailer we had up awhile ago, but there are some other differences that might make this worth a look, including some decent EFX work.

H/t Rope of Silicon.

Red-band trailer time: “This quest sucks.”

Who thought the director of the diaphanous, neorealist success d’estime “George Washington” would wind up directing an anachronism filled period fantasy spoof/update on the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby “Road” pictures with pot jokes replacing booze jokes?  Nevertheless, that indeed is what David Gordon Green, with screenwriters Danny McBride and Ben Best, appear to have wrought with his follow-up to the funny “Pineapple Express.”

“Your Highness” stars Danny McBride, who I’m not sure I really get as an actor or comedian, but it also also features 2010 Oscar nominees James Franco and Natalie Portman, not to mention the wonderful Zooey Deschanel, who I totally get. If you’re over 18 and your boss or disapproving coworkers aren’t around, take a look.

Like I said, I’m not yet on board the Danny McBride comedy train. However, after a rocky start, this really made me laugh.

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