Get ready for the most anticipated movie event of 2009.

Bullz-Eye’s Ross Ruediger has an excellent preview of the film after his set visit from last year.

An unquestionable highlight of the set visit was getting to stand smack in the middle of Karnak, the enormous Egyptian-themed palace that serves as the setting for the film’s climax. Painstakingly constructed to appear nearly identical to how it’s shown in the comic, the set was roughly the size of a gymnasium, with marble floors, an elaborate staircase, a lengthy dining room table and giant, awe-inspiring pillars and statues. (They were actually made of Styrofoam, but you’d never know it by looking at them.) Standing in the middle of it all, it was so easy to picture the core characters of the novel squabbling amongst themselves as they do in one of the scenes set in that massive room. On the flip side of Karnak, was the slightly smaller yet equally impressive Owl Chamber, Nite Owl’s underground lair. If Karnak was sleek and expansive, this set was the opposite: intimate and cluttered. Much to my delight, I was allowed to wander around and just poke around the laboratory as if it were my own. It was here that I first saw the now-infamous picture of the movie’s original superheroes, the Minutemen, behind glass in a case amongst the rest of the little details. Being in the Owl Chamber actually felt like leaving the set altogether and finding myself transported to an actual superhero lair. The attention that had been paid to “getting it right” was mind-boggling, and it was as if I’d stepped directly into the book itself. Now if only the Owl Ship could actually fly

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