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Hollywood manages its baser instincts (updated)

Yes, it seems to be a day when we’re avoiding the worst that the film biz has to offer. Take that Sammy Glick! Maybe.

* Notorious screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who brought the world such morality plays as “Basic Instinct” and “Showgirls,” is handling the kind of character/person you’d never expect him to write about, or meet. A virgin. Apparently the once severely overpaid, self-aggrandizing writer not exactly known for any particular virtues of any particular sort became a born-again Catholic following a bout with cancer. Naturally, a recent memoir tells of his conversion.

* I’ve never watched the most recent iteration of “At the Movies,” but I’m happy to say that the next version will be hosted by the New York Times‘ A.O. “Tony” Scott and the Chicago Tribune‘s Michael Phillips. They had both been my favorite subs for the still-going-strong but voiceless Roger Ebert during the final days of the old show’s run, and having them both return gives me a small but solid happy. These guys know movies and should be worthy successors to Mr. Ebert and the late Gene Siskel. I’ll be tuning in.

UPDATE: Glenn Kenny weighs in on “when good things happen to good film critics.” He also has something to say about the predecessors…and one of their daddies. It’s critical go-time. A humorous must for fans of critic-on-critic pugilism and praise.

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TCA Tour, Jan. 2009: “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go”

Once upon a time, I was a music critic. Now, I’m a TV critic. You’d think, therefore, that I’d be chomping at the bit to attend a panel about a reality series focusing on a rapper. You would, however, be wrong. The truth of the matter is this: I do not give a flying flip about T.I., his music, or his new MTV series, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go.”

But, hey, maybe you do…and if so, fair enough, then maybe you’ll want to watch it.

The premise…? T.I., who’s a convicted felon, is preparing for possible incarceration (on charges of possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers and possession of firearms by a convicted felon), and he’s determined to use his remaining days of freedom to be the catalyst for change, to intervene in the lives of various individuals who might be going down the wrong road and try and set them straight. It’s a form of community service, and I’m sure it’s all very well-intentioned in the grand scheme of things, but, you know, all I really wanted to know was this: why would someone with such a successful music career do something as stupid as try to buy machine guns?

Fortunately, someone else asked that very question.

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