Thanks to Electric Artists and Food Network PR folks, we’ve had the privelege of interviewing each contestant from “The Next Food Network Star” as they are eliminated from contention every week. This week, we got to ask recently booted Teddy Folkman a few things, but we think he may have become a bit annoyed with our first question, but we had to ask….

Premium Hollywood: Did you feel like you were eliminated based on what happened between you and Debbie last week? (Teddy kind of threw her under the bus at judgment time and later apologized)

Teddy Folkman: Absolutely not.

PH: Tyler Florence referred to your shtick as that of a cartoon character and you seemed to have over-the-top presentations almost every week…or was that your true personality coming through?

TF: Tyler’s line of “you seemed like a used car salesman” really made it hit home to me. I was constantly being told that I “wasn’t being myself” over and over from the judges. But what Tyler made me realize was that I was trying to “sell” my food and advice rather then just talking about it and making it interesting without having to be a cartoon character. It made sense. Immediately in the next challenge, I got to work with one of the best of the presenting contestants, Debbie, and who I really am started to come through. And after the burger presentation and the Intrepid challenge, you could see the change. I am a laid back pub owner with a silly side.

PH: Would you do anything different if you could go back and start over?

TF: First off, I would never have worn that awful orange shirt in the first episode. Ugh. I would have also focused on being who I was rather then who I thought they wanted me to be. It took me too long to realize and ultimately became my downfall.

PH: What’s next for Teddy Folkman and who do you like to win the competition now?

TF: I am going to continue with my restaurants and putting some love into them for a little while. I am also in the process of writing a cookbook for kids and another on Gourmet Bar Food. I would like the opportunity to pitch the Food Network a few ideas I have on shows and continue to pursue my passion and love for everything food.