When asked his opinion of the news that MTV was planning a remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Barry Bostwick, who played Brad Majors in the original version of the film, hadn’t heard anything about it…and once he had, he was none too thrilled.

“Oh, really? That’s a waste of money,” said Bostwick, in an interview with Bullz-Eye.com done in conjunction with his upcoming Spike TV film, “Depth Charge.” “That would be like saying…and understand that I’m not making this as a total comparison, but it would be like saying, ‘Hey, let’s go remake ‘Casablanca’!”

“How are you going to remake it?” Bostwick asked. “Every time it was done on stage, I thought it showed the flaws of the piece. I think it’s a one-off; I don’t think you can repeat that. I mean, look at the sequel, ‘Shock Treatment.’ I never saw that, but it was a miserable failure…even more of one than ‘Rocky Horror’ was when it first came out! That one wasn’t even re-discovered and turned into a cult hit.

“I think films like (‘Rocky Horror’) are stand-alones and brilliant for what they were at the time they were done,” concluded Bostwick. “You should just leave those things alone.”