There was a time when “Reno 911!” was so uproariously funny that it’s hard to believe the show never became more popular. Nowadays, it’s just amazing Comedy Central hasn’t pulled the plug. Ever since the release of their feature film, the Reno Sheriff’s Department has been a magnet for low-rent gags and overused cameos. Desperately in need of a creative shake-up, the show killed off three of its deputies and introduced two new ones in their place. Improv veterans Ian Roberts and Joe Lo Truglio quickly proved that they weren’t the answer to the show’s problems, however, no matter how willing they are about making complete asses of themselves. They just don’t bring anything to the table that Carlos Alazraqui, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Mary Birdsong already contributed themselves, and in some instances, their involvement is even less effective. The show tries to make up for it with guest appearances by Jonah Hill, Rainn Wilson and George Lopez, but it’s like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. There’s still the odd flash of brilliance sprinkled throughout the season – like the well-made parody of the Montgomery Flea Market commercial – but unless you’re willing to sit through 20 minutes of groan-worthy jokes for the chance at laughing once, you’d be better off just watching something else.

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