Sorry to bring everyone down, but I think it’s a point worth making. In a recent episode of “My Name Is Earl” (entitled “Joy in a Bubble”) the writers made a joke about pedophilia. Earl was talking to his brother, Randy, and he told him about Joy’s kids who didn’t have any friends because none of the other parents could stand Joy. Randy said (and I’m paraphrasing) that the guy downstairs has lots of friends who were young boys and maybe it would be a good idea to introduce the kids to him.

It’s not often, but every once in a while one sitcom or another will make a joke about pedophilia, usually within the context of the Catholic church’s recent scandals. I have as dark of a sense of humor as anyone, and in general I think the American viewing public is waaaaay too uptight, but since when is child rape funny? How many jokes do we hear about adult rape? I can’t think of a single one. Isn’t pedophilia just as bad or worse?

I don’t get it.

I’m not going to call out any specific writers (oddly enough the two credited for this episode are both female) because there’s no telling how that particular line ended up in the episode, but please stop making jokes about adults who rape kids.