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American Idol: Orlando crushes Chicago

You surely would expect that Chicago would produce more contenders on “American Idol” than Orlando, right? Wrong. Orlando produced 31 Hollywood-bound singers than Chicago, which delivered 13 in two days. Whatever, once the Hollywood rounds begin we won’t remember where these folks auditioned unless Ryan Seacrest decides to remind us. So the guest judge was Kristin Chenoweth, at least for Day 1, and she had more spunk in her pinky than Shania Twain. Anyway, the producers showed us most of the good performances last night and not as many crappy ones, to which we say, BO-RING. Here they are…

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EXCLUSIVE: Warren the Ape speaks with Premium Hollywood!

Although my interview with “Greg the Bunny” creators Sean S. Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano will be appearing on Bullz-Eye at a future juncture, I was able to get a few minutes with the star of their new MTV “reality” series, “Warren the Ape.”

I’d clearly won over Warren earlier in the day, when I asked him during the TCA panel for the series if his ex-wife Maggie would feature in the series (“You really know your stuff, I appreciate that”), and my question apparently had the same effect on Milano as well, who said that it was a perfect way of showing MTV that there really are people out there who remember their earlier series. While I hope to be able to speak with Warren further at a later date, I hope you’ll enjoy these two brief one-on-one moments that I shared with him for the time being.

First up, Warren picks his favorite addiction and discusses the status of his screenplay:

Then, Warren talks about a possible reissue of a classic album and reveals his hopes and expectations for his new series:

A “Kick-Ass” marketing campaign?

What’s looking to be almost certainly the most controversial comic book movie of 2010 is starting to take its marketing campaign into high gear with the release of posters for “Kick-Ass.” For those of you not in the know, it’s Mathew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.’s comic book about a teen (Aaron Johnson, who’ll also be playing the young John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy”) who decides out of the blue to be a superhero — only he doesn’t get bitten by a radioactive animal, nor does he spend 10 years turning himself into the ultimate ninja. Following his lead, a few presumably less than stable “heroes,” to be played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“Superbad“), Chloe Moretz (“(500) Days of Summer“), and Nicolas Cage, get into the act. Ultra-violent hijinks ensue.


As you can see, we have four separate posters here that might be together on large billboards (those of us who live in L.A. may well see some huge version of this on the Sunset strip) and can also be displayed separately.

I don’t know the comic book, but as mentioned here before, there’s been definite buzz around this project based on some clips that showed this year at Comi-Con. Moreover, director Matthew Vaughn was once best known as Guy Ritchie’s producer, but he stepped confidently out of his shadow and emerged, in my opinion, the less showy and better director with the 2003 crime thriller, “Layer Cake.” As with 2007’s underrated/underseen romantic fantasy-comedy, “Stardust” the screenplay is credited to Vaughn and English TV presenter Jane Goldman. I also like the fact that so far Vaughan has made three very different movies in three different genres.

According to Peter Sciretta of /Film, comparisons are flying with this one, particularly to “The Matrix” and also, according to a unnamed friend who saw it, “Shaun of the Dead” — presumably in terms of the sense of humor. Still, considering the possibility for social satire and the touchy spectacle of young people and ultra-violence, my mind is going towards Kinji Fukasaku’s film of “Battle Royale.”

I understand a trailer is coming next week. Also, according to Rick Marshall of MTV, there is a web site (iamkick-ass.com), but what I’m seeing there right now is just pure whiteness. Not terribly kick-ass. Stay on the lookout, I guess.

Jackass: The Lost Tapes

We’re going to assume that by “lost,” they mean “originally rejected by Standards and Practices, retrofitted as a DVD-only, warehouse-clearing cash grab.” And as these things go, it’s pretty entertaining. Some of these skits have appeared on other “Jackass” sets – Johnny Knoxville subjects himself to pepper spray, a taser and a stun gun, while Dave Englund makes the appropriately named vomelet – but there are some bits that were too good to hit the cutting room floor, namely “Cowboy Skatepark” and “Wakeboarding.” They weren’t stingy either, compiling 93 scenes, though several of those scenes are five seconds or less. How much you enjoy “Jackass: The Lost Tapes” depends greatly on how much bathroom humor you can handle; seemingly every third skit involves poo of some kind, and just listening to Englund regurgitating a gallon of milk is graphic enough to elicit the same response in the viewer. None of it is necessarily essential – though Steve-O is surely glad to see that the scene where he was branded on the heart made the cut, after complaining to us about its exclusion from the broadcast – but it would make a nice stocking stuffer for the jackass in your life.

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TCA Tour, Jan. 2009: “How’s Your News?”

MTV’s “How’s Your News?” would seem to be a real tightrope-walk of a series. On one hand, it’s about a group of people with disabilities who have put together a news team…and if that sounds like the makings of a really good documentary, you’re right: the show sprang forth from the film of the same name. On the other hand, it’s produced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of “South Park” fame, and once you’ve heard that, you immediately find yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop, figuring that, sooner or later, they’re gonna make fun of these people.

Except they don’t.

We were shown clips from the show, with the news team visiting various locations and interviews celebrities; their enthusiasm was downright contagious throughout the footage, and any concerns we might’ve had about these folks being treated inappropriately were quickly dismissed by their parents, who gushed about how much their kids are getting out of the experience. So, yes, it’s funny, but it’s also sweet and touching. I still think MTV is just about the worst possible place for the series, since I just can’t imagine the network’s typical demographic doing anything but mocking what they’re seeing on the screen, but, hey, it might actually get me to watch MTV for a change.

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