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Dragon Ball Z: Season Eight

“Dragon Ball Z” may have a reputation for padding its episodes with lots of unnecessary repetition, but Season Eight marks the first time that the show has so much going on that it simply isn’t necessary. With the World Martial Arts Tournament in full swing (and Mr. Satan and Android 18 as its unlikely finalists), the Z Fighters are suddenly called upon by Supreme Kai to stop an evil wizard named Babidi from awakening Majin Buu, a creature thought to be even stronger than Cell. (Though that’s debatable, considering they both have similar regenerative powers.) Of course, no one is strong enough to take on the pink puffball in their current forms, so while Gohan runs off to train in the World of the Kais (breaking the Z Sword and unleashing Elder Kai in the process), and Goku schools Goten and Trunks in the Art of Fusion, Buu hops around town relatively unchallenged turning people into chocolate… and then eating them. For as great as all this plot development is, however, the real treat of Season Eight is the rematch between Goku and Vegeta. It might just be the greatest battle of the series, because although it’s shorter than most, it’s the one that the fans were looking forward to the longest. This is “Dragon Ball Z” at its finest, and with only one season to go, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Dragon Ball Z: Season Seven

The seventh season of “Dragon Ball Z” is a bit of an odd duck compared to the rest of the series, as the lack of a major villain makes it seem like nothing happens. In fact, some have even compared it to the mini-arc of filler episodes better known as the Garlic Jr. Saga, but whereas those episodes did little to further the story, Season Seven serves as the buildup to the big finale. It’s also a nice break from the exhausting Cell Games, and it makes some great strides in the development of the Z Fighters along the way. For starters, Gohan has finally become a teenager, and when he’s not getting into trouble with classmate Videl (AKA Mr. Satan’s daughter), he’s moonlighting as the superhero called Great Saiyaman. Goku, meanwhile, takes part in an Other World Tournament for the chance to train with the Grand Kai, and when he finally returns to Earth to fight in the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, he discovers that he also has a new son named Goten. Though it may seem a bit counterproductive to age Gohan and then create a brand new character who’s just like him, this time around, they’ve given the little tyke someone to play with (young Trunks), making them both that much less annoying from the get-go. Plus, with two tournaments worth of fighting and the hilarious return of Mr. Satan, how could anyone call Season Seven filler? It might not be as epic as past sagas, but you better believe it’s just as good.

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