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Monday movie bits and pieces

Just another one of those days filled with sequels and other things no one really needs.

* Armando Iannucci, the “In the Loop” guy, on his screenwriting Oscar chances:

“Our puppy Bramble won last night’s puppy training course. This gives us the momentum we need going into the Oscars.”

* Movie bloggers seem to agree that Ian McShane of “Deadwood” fame can only help the next “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” while playing the legendary real-life pirate Blackbeard. Insert c-cks-cker joke here.


* An English Jihadi comedy to screen at SXSW. Here’s hoping the documentary “American Grindhouse” covers its (huge) subject well, because I’ll want to see that one.

* Nikki Finke informs us Harvey Weinstein signed a DVD deal with Sony. I know, your world will never be the same. Just be grateful I don’t pass along all her news about whose at which agency now.

* Whilst promoting Kevin Smith’s “Cop Out,” Bruce Willis is telling people that there’ll be a “Die Hard 5” and that it’ll should go “worldwide.”

* What do you do when you find out your best friend’s wife is cheating on him? That’s the knotty question that’ll be examined in an upcoming Ron Howard comedy starring Vince Vaughn that just attracted Kevin James, as per Screencrave’s Krystal Clark. Intriguingly, the script is by a writer more associated with dramas.

* Speaking of Mr. Smith, AICN’s Merrick reveals that it appears that Seann William Scott will star in his upcoming hockey comedy. Merrick also has the Warren Zevon/Mitch Albom song it’s based on, “Hit Somebody.”

* Coming eventually, maybe: Leonardo DiCaprio in a “‘Mystic River’ meets ‘Taken‘ storyline.”

* Glenn Kenny on people who don’t know the man personally referring to a certain director as “Marty”:

My general policy with movie people is to address them as “Mr.” or “Ms.” until explicitly instructed otherwise. I’m not trying to lord it over anybody with this etiquette tip. I’m just saying that my mother raised me with some fucking manners…I’ve always loved the phrase “fucking manners,” haven’t you?

Marty’s mad!

Yeah, I know, he doesn’t look angry — but trust me, there’s righteous movie-loving rage behind those smiling eyes.

Here in Southern California, we might have a health crisis like the rest of the nation, but amongst the burgeoning Cinephile-American community, the hot topic is the scheduled end of weekend film programming at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) later this summer. There’s been a lot of apt criticism — and in retrospect I feel I was bit too blithe/fatalistic about it in my first post about it.

A museum should not have to be slave to film fashion anymore than it should take down it’s Chagalls every time there’s an upsurge of interest in Picasso, or vice versa. If the world’s premiere film city can’t have a place — at a museum, for pity’s sake — that shows important films from the past, including ones with limited audiences, then maybe all of film is in danger of losing its sense of history and with it, most of its soul. It’s ironic that a still lingering sense of snobbish diminishment of film as a somewhat lesser art form might play into it. I thought we were well past that.

As Don Scorsese, il capo di tutti capi of film geeks put it:

I support the petition that is still circulating, with well over a thousand names at this point, many of them prominent…People from all over the world are speaking out, because they see this action – correctly, I think – as a serious rebuke to film within the context of the art world. The film department is often held at arms’ length at LACMA and other institutions, separate from the fine arts, and this simply should not be. Film departments should be accorded the same respect, and the same amount of financial leeway, as any other department of fine arts.

That petition is growing, by the way. Particularly if you live in Southern California, but if you care about movies and live anywhere, it’s time to step up and sign on the dotted line. Think of it as your proper obeisance to Don Marty.

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