Truth be told, when fellow Premium Hollywood writer David Medsker filleted several Kristin Wiig characters in his mid-February post, “Kristen Wiig must be stopped,” I thought he might have been a little hard on her. I generally like her stuff, but I’ll admit that Penelope and Target Lady are wearing a little thin.

Then I saw a brutal skit in which Wiig debuted a new character, Gilly.

It’s one thing when a skit is repetitive and funny, but when it’s repetitive and unfunny, it’s just annoying. Thinking that this skit went over like a lead balloon, I figured that would be the last we’d see of Gilly, but last Saturday, there was another skit — this time Gilly sabotaged her school’s science fair.

The only thing mildly funny about this skit is Kenan Thompson’s “don’t make a kid ride a horse with crazy eyes” bit. Otherwise it was the same, unfunny shtick as the first Gilly skit. Some people laughed in the audience, but I have no idea why. Maybe Lorne Michaels pumps the place full of laughing gas, I don’t know. Now I’m starting to think that Mr. Medsker really is onto something — has Wiig run out of funny characters?

So Gilly is my choice for the unfunniest returning SNL character — who else makes the list?