Yes, the new trailer for James Cameron’s long awaited 3-D CGI laden extravaganza, “Avatar,” is out, it’s longish for a trailer (3.5 minutes) and it’s got more plot details. (H/t Drew McWeeny)

Fox is also in the process of making a big deal by showing the trailer in front of what probably actually is the largest live crowd ever to see a trailer on apparently the largest video screen extant by showing it at the new 800,000 seat Cowboy Stadium in Texas on November 1st before the Cowboys play the Seattle Seahawks. It will also be broadcast to millions more on Fox NFL Sunday and bolstered by commercials for the movie during the game.

As for my reaction: I don’t know where the music is from, but I hope it’s not the actual soundtrack because I think it’s awful. The plot strikes me as an space opera variation on “Dances with Wolves,” but that could work — or not. Also, I’m not hugely impressed with the CGI look, but who knows how I’ll feel about it when I see it properly. Time will tell.