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A roundtable chat with Minnie Driver and Scott Speedman of “Barney’s Version”

A Brit who’s been successfully playing Americans for decades and a charmingly laid back Canadian with a definite air of California dude-ism about him, actors Minnie Driver and Scott Speedman might seem like a somewhat random pairing. Even in the new film version of the late novelist Mordecai Richler’s tragicomic swan song, “Barney’s Version,” their characters make for some pretty strange bedfellows. On the other hand “Driver and Speedman” does sound like the title of a late seventies cop show.


Ms. Driver portrays the second Mrs. Panofsky, an otherwise unnamed Jewish Canadian princess who marries the very flawed Montreal TV producer Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti, who picked up a Golden Globe for the part Sunday night), only to find her new husband oddly distant, starting on the very day of their wedding. That’s because that’s also the day Barney meets – and goes completely nutso over – the woman who will eventually become Mrs. Panofsky #3 (Rosamund Pike). In Mrs. Panofsky’s corner: her outspoken ex-crooked policeman father-in-law (Dustin Hoffman), who speaks approvingly of her “nice rack.”

Speedman, for his part, is Barney’s multiple drug using novelist pal, Boogie. Best known for handsome-guy roles in the “Underworld” films opposite Kate Beckinsale and as the male lead in “Felicity” opposite Keri Russell, Speedman’s Bernard “Boogie” Moscovitch is a frequently charming rascal/jerkwad who both fails and assists his best friend in rather spectacular fashion, eventually starting a chain of events that may or may not lead to his murder by Barney.

Speedman entered the room first in typically low-key fashion, acting every bit the likable thirty-something surfer dude or ski-bum he could easily be cast as. Ms. Driver followed along, making a flirtatious joke about Speedman’s good looks and generally providing jovial company for a room full of entertainment writers one Beverly Hills winter’s day.


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Hey, “Heroes” fans! Got a question for Matt Parkman?

This ought to make you feel old: Greg Grunberg has been a television staple for more than a decade now. He’s been acting for even longer than that, of course, but with no small amount of help from his good buddy J.J. Abrams, Grunberg has managed to maintain a steady presence since 1998, when we were introduced to him as Sean Blumberg on “Felicity,” and from there, we came to know him as Eric Weiss on “Alias.” For the past three seasons, however, he’s been Matt Parkman, the man who messes with your mind every week on NBC’s “Heroes.”

“You will not ask me about my role as Brett in ‘Malibu’s Most Wanted.'”

Bullz-Eye will be talking to Mr. Grunberg in connection with the appearance of “Heroes” on our upcoming TV Power Rankings, and we’d like to give the dedicated readers of the show’s blog the chance to ask him some questions. Whether it’s about his character’s relationship with the late, great, and supercute Daphne, the recent revelation that Matt Parkman has a son, or if you just want to know if he spent hours in front of the mirror to perfect the look he gives when he’s using his powers, just leave your questions in the comments section and we’ll add ‘em to our list. Then check back here and on Bullz-Eye.com on April 15th to read their responses…and, of course, to find out where “Heroes” turns up in the TV Power Rankings!

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