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Exploitative movie moment #2

More of the work of exploitation master, Jack Hill in honor of Cody Jarrett’s grindhouse nouveau masterwork. This amazing vintage trailer is for the film better known today, thanks to Quentin Tarantino, as “Switchblade Sisters.” I’m deeply ashamed to say I’ve never seen this. I mean to correct that, soon. You’ll see why.

And this is what I call ACTING. Great stuff.

Exploitative movie moment #1

In honor of tonight’s premiere of a new women-in-prison masterpiece (ahem), I’m presenting some moments from exploitation classics of the past, today highlighting the work of  a true exploitation master, Jack Hill. (Hill also happens to guest star in the exploitation masterwork mentioned above.) Below, the amazing credit sequence from the Pam Grier magnum opus, “Foxy Brown.” Check it out.

And here’s a brief scene with a real Jack Hill touch to it.


And while I’m promoting seventies exploitation homages, I should push one I’m actually in (and maybe some day I’ll get some lines in something).

, a very tasteful, R-rated tribute to women-in-prison films of yore from the mind of underground cinema genius and complete-stranger-to-me Cody Jarrett, premieres at midnight, a week from tonight at L.A. Sunset Five theaters. For more on the movie and the premiere, details are here. Genuine, certified no-prizes for anyone who spots me in the very cool and moderately NSFW trailer below. At least one more plug to come.

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