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Entourage 6.12 – Give a Little Bit

After five seasons, “Entourage” finally lived up to its name this fall. While E, Turtle and Drama each enjoyed meatier storylines than normal this season, Vince’s role in the proceedings essentially amounted to an imaginary stalker and a random fuck scene of the week. But Vince’s marginalized contributions led to one of the strongest seasons of “Entourage” in a long time, culminating in one hell of a finale tonight.

Let’s hit the main arcs from least to most interesting, beginning with the saga of Turtle and Jamie-Lynn. I recently wrote in a comment on a different episode that Turtle’s UCLA co-ed was hotter than Jamie-Lynn, and I saw nothing tonight to make me alter that stance. I mean…good, GOD. And while it was nice to see Turtle resist her advances in the name of true love, I’m fairly confident that scene would have played out far differently in real life. Girls like that don’t get turned down that often, not by guys like Turtle, and especially not when they’re wearing outfits like that. I found it hilarious that they didn’t even bother to completely shut the vertical blinds in the room, but the topper was when Turtle offered his condolences for leaving after getting her worked up by asking, “You want me to go down on you or something?” Hey, Turtle is nothing if not generous. He’s also single now, after getting dumped right before his plane to New Zealand took off. May as well hop on over to Rome then, right?

I’ll lump Drama and Vince together here, if only because Vince’s auxiliary storyline couldn’t carry a paragraph by itself. Who would’ve thought that Turtle of all people would inspire Drama to figure out what’s truly important to him? You knew he wasn’t going to give up acting for good, but would he change his mind before the credits rolled tonight? Would it be too late? Turns out he killed at his “Melrose Place” audition but the network wants to go younger with the cast. I’ve got to say that the thought of building a show around Drama makes me chuckle. I just hope we get to see some of it next season. Of course, even better is that now Drama is free to go to Italy with Vince. Ah, but not before Matt Damon and his buddy LeBron James (um…what was with the glasses, LBJ?) railroad Vince into giving a bunch of hungry children $150,000. Actually, there were three great cameos tonight, if you include Bono showing up on Damon’s laptop. There were several classic lines in tonight’s episode, but one of the finest was when Damon bullied Drama into handing the phone to Vince. “Sorry, he Jason Bourne’d me,” Drama explained to Vince. Sounds reasonable to me.

I was tempted to rank Drama ahead of E but that would be underestimating just how shocked I was when E proposed to Sloan. In hindsight, maybe I should have expected it – I mean, what was so special about a lunch date at a restaurant the two of them used to go to? – but right up until E mentioned making a commitment to Sloan, I was oblivious. It was actually a pretty cool scene, capped by Sloan’s very believable reaction to the proposal. I feel almost embarrassed about the fact that I thought it was even remotely possible that they’d leave us hanging on Sloan’s answer until next season. I can’t remember an “Entourage” finale that didn’t have all the loose threads sewn up by the end of the episode, and tonight was certainly no different.

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The one-dollar dream

“This is like Sundance all over again.”

Not exactly Turtle. You see, the Sundance episode was actually good. Tonight’s season finale? Not so much, but that didn’t keep Doug Ellin and Co. from trying their darndest to emulate the season two gem by once again forcing the gang into a make-it-or-break-it business deal. The boys have finally arrived in Cannes with one mission in mind: sell “Medellin” to the highest bidder before the film’s world premiere. Unfortunately, no one’s biting just yet, except for the boys’ old friend Yair (the Arabic millionaire from the tail end of season three), who’s desperate to buy the rights to the film he passed up on for the exact amount it cost to make it – $35 million.

Walsh doesn’t want to sell it to an independent distributor, however, and neither does Ari. They want studio backing, since it ensures both a proper theatrical release and a greater chance of being nominated come award season, and after talking it over with the film’s main producer (Nicky Rubenstein), they agree to start a bidding war and wait it out. And boy do they wait, and wait, and wait… until Ari decides to take matters into his own hands, tricking Dana Gordon over at Warner Bros. to buy the movie for the same asking price as Yair. Regrettably, Yair beats them to the punch by going behind Ari’s back (and straight to Nicky) to cement at $75 million deal for the flick.

Everyone’s happy about the sudden financial boost (except for Walsh) and stroll into the premiere feeling confident that the movie will kill. It does the exact opposite, causing viewers to boo Walsh’s “masterpiece,” Dana Gordon to pray she dodged a giant bullet, and Yair to renege on his offer. Serious about his admiration for the film, Harvey comes to the rescue with and makes an offer the boys can’t refuse: one dollar for “Medellin.” It doesn’t sound like much, but with a major distributor backing the film (and probably re-cutting it), there’s still a distinct possibility that it will earn back its budget and get a few Oscar nods along the way. It’s a pretty big “if” for Vinnie Chase considering his past, but for the time being, things are starting to look up.

Okay, maybe not, but I’m seriously so sick and tired of being negative that I figured I’d give it a shot. All in all, this was a disappointing end to a disappointing season, and as far as I’m concerned, this series is officially on its final warning. Unless they can turn it around in season five (which may be harder than it sounds, since that damn “Medellin” story arc still hasn’t been wrapped up), the boys of “Entourage” are going to be in serious trouble. As for Johnny Chase, well, he’s in a world of his own, but here’s hoping the old dog brings back that French hottie to help spice things up around the house.

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