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Sons of Anarchy 3.3 – Caregiver

So far, this season has been pretty hit and miss for me, with a lot more misses than hits. That’s just the nature of what Kurt Sutter has set up this year, however, and I expect things to really begin picking up by midseason. But for the time being, we’re stuck waiting out SAMCRO’s inevitable journey to the land of potatoes and leprechauns as they’re forced to split time between searching for Abel and dealing with business back in Charming.

After deciding that starting a war with the Mayans was against their best interest, the Sons task the Grim Bastards with getting intel on Mayan activity in their home base of Lodi. The Bastards are short on guns at the moment, though, so Clay sets up a deal with Henry Lin to get them some semi-automatics in exchange for the Cara Cara girls to be party favors at an upcoming blowout for some Hong Kong business partners. Opie isn’t at all pleased about Lyla having sex for money, however, and when he sees her going down on one of the Chinese guys at the party, he flips out, leading to an all-out brawl and their deal with Henry Lin ruined. Clay smoothes things over by offering Henry one of SAMCRO’s gun clients in exchange for the guns intended for the Bastards, but he doesn’t look very happy about the trade. Still, the Mayans pose an immediate threat, and at the moment, that’s more important than the future of their gun trade.


The bad news just keeps rolling in when a woman from the law office representing the Sons pays them a visit to inform them that City Council has requested a new bail hearing in regards to their assault charges from the church incident. It seems that Jacob Hale is using the recent drive-by as proof that it was retaliation against SAMCRO’s criminal activity, and unless they appear in court at the end of the week, they’ll lose the bail money and incur a longer prison sentence. Not that anyone really cares, because Jax has already decided that he’s heading for Vancouver, and the rest of the guys plan on skipping town to join him. That becomes unnecessary, however, when Juice receives an email from the Belfast VP with a picture of Cameron Hayes left for dead on the streets of Belfast.

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EW answers 8 lingering questions about the Oscars

EW.com asks and answers eight lingering (and burning) questions about the 2009 Oscars, including why Phillip Seymour Hoffman was wearing a stocking cap on a 75-degree, Southern California day.

Other interesting questions…

What was the motivation behind having five former winners introduce this year’s nominees in each of the acting categories?

Where was Jack Nicholson?

Was Beyoncé lip-synching during the musicals medley?

Who is Sato Masuzawa, the woman Sean Penn called his ”best friend” in his acceptance speech?

Stephen King releases annual Best Films list, no one cares

Horror author Stephen King is not a film critic; he’s a fan. In fact, he’s mentioned this several times over the course of his last few years writing for Entertainment Weekly, so why does the entertainment mag publish his expectedly crappy list every year? Who the hell knows, but between gushing about his man crush on Jason Statham and his totally serious statement that Samuel L. Jackson deserves an Oscar nomination for his work in “Lakeview Terrace,” here’s hoping it’s the last time it does.

stephen king

King isn’t completely oblivious when it comes to good movies – his Top 3 consists of “The Dark Knight,” “Slumdog Millionaire” and “WALL*E” – but the rest of his list is laughable at best. “Funny Games”? “The Ruins”? “Death Race”? Look, there’s nothing wrong with liking these movies, but there’s a big difference between enjoying them and declaring them one of the best movies of the year. Click here for the full list, where you can read all about why each film made the cut.

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