The second season of “Dragon Ball GT” is considerably better than the first set, but it still doesn’t come close to the success of the other two series. Picking up after Goku’s ascension to Super Saiyan 4, the season is split into three different arcs: the conclusion of Goku’s battle with Baby; the return of Android 17; and the introduction of the Shadow Dragons. Unfortunately, none of these stories feels like anything Toriyama himself would have created. The fight between Goku and Baby Oozaru is painfully dull, while Android 17’s reemergence reeks of a sudden desperation to bring back familiar characters. Opening the portal to Hell might have sounded like a cool way to feature all of Goku’s past enemies, however, but it doesn’t really make sense. Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero claim that they’ve cloned Android 17, but how exactly did he get to Earth if he was created down in Hell?

The same goes for the Shadow Dragon arc, which pits Goku against seven different dragons that have been created from the negative energy contained within the Dragon Balls. Apparently, you’re not supposed to use the Dragon Balls every other month like the Z Fighters tend to do, but since no one mentioned it before, it seems like a pretty cheap way of continuing the series. As a whole, the episodes are still more enjoyable than Season One thanks to the fact that Goku spends a majority of the time as an adult, but the inclusion of the lone “DBGT” movie, “A Hero’s Legacy,” certainly doesn’t do the set any favors. I’m not sure if the creators were hoping it would lead to a new series, but if they did, they were seriously mistaken.

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