Sam C. Mac, or at least his headline at the Playlist Nation, asks if a possible return to form for Japanese comedian turned tough-guy actor-director-painter “Beat” Takeshi Kitano is a good thing. (Apparently some, but not all critics, are responding that way to his latest film “Outrage, which is premiering at Cannes.)

In response, I’m posting the two scenes below that show Kitano doing what he does best. Creating the kind of mind-bending bad-assery that is as scary as it hypnotic, and the kind of beauty that make strong men and women cry.

First, from “Fireworks“:

From “Dolls

This movie really got to me at the AFI Film Festival some years back and if you’re wondering why the young couple is tethered together, I can’t remember. I’d look it up but I’m afraid I’d ruin my computer weeping on the keyboard. It’s that kind of a movie.