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“Generation Kill” is must-see TV

I just mowed through the seven-hour HBO mini-series, “Generation Kill,” like nobody’s business.

It’s based on Evan Wright’s book of the same name. At the time, Wright was a Rolling Stone writer that was embedded with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion‎ of the United States Marine Corps during the first days of the invasion of Iraq. The teleplay was written by “The Wire” creator David Simon, so it’s no surprise that it has the same gritty feel and sense of humor of that series.

The story revolves around the Hummer in which Wright rode, which often was the point vehicle as the battalion moved deeper into Iraq, but the miniseries branches out at times to follow the events of other parts of the battalion. It relies heavily on the dynamic between Sgt. Brad “Iceman” Colbert and Cpl. Josh Ray Person. The former plays the straight man to the non-stop shtick running from Person’s mouth. This humor balances out the nail-biting intensity of the group’s military missions.

Politically speaking, the miniseries doesn’t get on a soapbox, but it dives into both the positives and negatives that resulted from the invasion. There’s an overwhelming sense of naivety amongst the officers and soldiers about just what kind of a clusterf*ck they were getting themselves into. Once Saddam’s army fell, they thought their mission was over, but little did they know that they were just getting started.

“Generation Kill” is not for the faint of heart, but I’d highly recommend it for anyone who enjoyed “Band of Brothers.” It’s available on DVD now.

For a much more in-depth review, check out Jason Zingale’s take on Bullz-Eye.com.

Producers of “The Wire” focus on New Orleans

HBO is ironing out the details on a deal for “Treme,” the latest project by “The Wire” producers David Simon and Eric Overmyer.

“Treme” centers on New Orleans residents – including musicians and a restauranteur – living in the city’s Treme district. Show follows the characters as they look to reclaim their lives as the city continues to rebuild.

Simon said he and Overmyer, who lives in New Orleans, had been in love with the city long before the storm — but post-Katrina, knew there was a story to be told.

But, he warned, “Treme” is not “The Wire: New Orleans.”

“We don’t intend to make ‘The Wire’ twice,” Simon said. “This is about people reconstituting their lives after their town was mostly, effectively destroyed… It’s not entirely a political show. We’re trying to be very intimate with people. And New Orleans is completely unique, there’s nothing in the world like it.”

While I’d love to see “The Wire: New Orleans,” I’d be almost as excited about anything this duo produces, especially if it’s on HBO. Production won’t begin until fall, so the network is targeting a spring premiere.

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