Via Tim Adler, we have the European trailer for “Let Me In,” based on the European novel and film, “Let the Right One In.” This eerie tale of vampiric dead-puppy love appears to be pretty much what you might expect from an Americanization of a hugely acclaimed and unusually popular Danish film.

That shots in the snow-drenched park look almost exactly the same way I remember them from the first movie. Otherwise, the drama seems to be, as you’d expect, a bit more amped up. I just hope they don’t mess with the ending too much. For comparison, let’s see how close I am to maybe being right about the visuals. Here’s the American trailer for the European film.

Okay, those shots aren’t exactly the same, but close enough I think. Also, in case any of you don’t get the reference in the title of this post, see and hear this.