That seems to be the new rumor going around the ‘net today following the release of a new ABC promo featuring Patrick Dempsey, Ed O’Neill, Courtney Cox-Arquette and ex-Lostie Dominic Monaghan. While TV spoiler guru Michael Ausiello has received word from a network insider that “There’s obviously a lot of ABC talent in the promo… It doesn’t necessarily mean that Dominic is returning to Lost,” it’s hard to argue otherwise considering the promo ends with Dempsey telling Monaghan “You’re so dead,” and Monaghan coyly replying, “Actually, I was.”

The fact that fellow cast member Emilie de Ravin was just announced as returning to series regular status for the final season, it would certainly open up the opportunity for Monaghan to return as well. Whether it’s as a ghost or a real person (what if Juliet really did change the past?) is uncertain, but whatever the case, I know that lots of fans (myself included) would just be happy to have him back. We’ll have to wait until January 2010 to find out, but for the time being, it’s definitely worth speculating about.

UPDATED: As it turns out, the rumor was just that — an unfortunately untrue rumor. Mr. Ausiello has gotten the real scoop, and it involves Monaghan joining another hour-long show on ABC. Any guesses? Ausiello’s comment section is already filling up with suggestions, including one I like (“V”) and one I don’t (“Grey’s Anatomy”).