Are you one of those people who can’t get enough food? And by food I mean TV shows, blogs, and magazines about food? The industry is no doubt booming, and the popularity of food shows is at an all-time high right now. But it’s not just the Food Network that is in on the fun. Travel Channel has recently brought us the awesome “Man Vs. Food,” and a few other great programs.

Now, their new one, “Food Wars,” premieres on Tuesday night (10pm ET/9pm central), and is like a cross between “Man Vs. Food” and Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” We caught a screener of “Food Wars” and it was one of the episodes airing tomorrow, the Buffalo Wing “war” between Anchor Bar (the originator of the Buffalo wing) and Duff’s, two Buffalo, New York institutions.

Bonus for you guys, host Camille Ford is hot, and she is especially sexy when she’s tasting wings, and is unafraid of spicy food. Ford goes back and forth between the owners of Anchor Bar and Duff’s, and there is even commentary from patrons of each restaurant, who are later asked to judge the competition blindfolded.

Will the originator take the prize of Best Buffalo Wing in Buffalo? Or will the challenger rise to the occasion? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!