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The Biggest Loser: producers go too far

I’ve long thought that the producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” try too hard to manipulate the game itself, and last night they went way too far in doing so. The more I think about it, the more clear it becomes that last night’s challenge was a ploy to have Arthur, the so-called “unhealthiest” contestant in the show’s history, sent packing–or more to the point, figuring out a way to have the evil red team send him home.

It began innocently enough, as the contestants were told at the start of the episode that they would be going home for two weeks to return to normal life for a bit, and then return to a 5K challenge. The contestants, based on how they finished in the 5K, would get to choose their trainers–i.e., if they wanted to stay on their team or switch teams. Now think about that for a second. How did they think that would turn out? Arthur would finish last and be forced to switch teams, because there had to be at least one red team member that would switch to the black team–Jen, who knew her days were numbered with the red team’s “alliance.”

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The Biggest Loser: producers are this week’s big losers

Okay, if it wasn’t enough that the producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” decided to go back to blue vs. black, Bob vs. Jillian, and two big teams instead of seven or eight little ones, they then decided to mess with the outcome. And for that, I call bullshit. We can all see the manipulation for ratings a mile away, and it’s reached epic proportions this season already. Here is how it went down last night…

Host Alison Sweeney started by giving her “so tonight, the game is going to change” speech that she gives three or four times every season. So it would be blue vs. black, but first the contestants would spin a giant roulette wheel. Under each dome was either a high calorie snack, cash, or a golden ticket that would allow one person to control the game by choosing the teams. Alison did not require everyone to play, but they all did with the exception of Abby. The first four went–Rudy, Rebecca, Allen and Danny, and each had a high calorie snack, including Rudy’s piece of cake that was (gulp) 1000 calories. Then it was Tracey’s turn, the person who collapsed in the first episode yet has managed to totally control the game to this point and make enemies everywhere. So guess what she got? The dang golden ticket. Come on people. Do you really think she spun that on her own? I think the producers stopped rolling tape, inserted golden tickets under every dome and told all the contestants to shut up. I mean, what were the chances? Something like 1 in 50? No freaking way do I believe that. But more on the evil producers in a bit.

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The Biggest Loser: Let the Gameplay Begin

Look, we all knew this was coming. “The Biggest Loser: Families” became a team competition again, with blue vs. black. They couldn’t just eliminate two people at a time and have the season end in October. It’s just that when I hear Alison Sweeney say, “But wait, there’s one more twist,” it just makes me angry and want to lose interest. Add the gameplay into it, and the show starts to lose its purpose as well. But anyway, I’m here to recap last night’s episode either way, so here goes….

It began with the first challenge, which was to determine who would be putting the teams together. The task? Eating donuts, brownies, and peanut butter cups in the dark. Whoever ate the most calories got to choose who would be on Bob’s blue team and who would be on Jillian’s black team. Heba and Phil were clearly trying to outdo each other, while some others decided it wasn’t worth it to eat any of the foods they came to the ranch to avoid. Heba won by eating a brownie that was good for like 400 calories. And since she was already pissed that her husband went home last week, she was even more pissed at Phil and split up him and his wife Amy on the teams.

The teams? Bob had Heba, Vicky, Amy P, Amy C and Brady. Jillian had Renee, Colleen, Michelle, Phil and Shellay. So essentially Heba broke up not just Phil and Amy, but Amy C and Shellay as well. Whatever. I have no idea what the strategy was, but it sure as hell pissed off Bob and Jillian Continue reading »

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