Season 5 of “The Next Food Network Star” is still young, and New York based Brett August was the second contestant to be eliminated. August was brash and bold, maybe like a stereotypical New Yorker, but ultimately it was the fact that the judges perceived August to have a lack of desire to really want to be a Food Network Star, at least compared to the other contestants. We had the chance to ask August a few questions on his way out…..

Premium Hollywood: Did you think you could have told Bob Tuschman and the other judges that you really wanted to win and that you could win a bit more convincingly, and that if you did you wouldn’t have been eliminated so early?

Brett August: I don’t know if that would have affected my outcome. But you look at yourself and you learn so many things, like I looked at myself and knew I was going bald on top of my head. There are so many things you learn, and it was just great. I loved it.

PH: Did you think April Fool’s Day was a tricky holiday to work with?

BA: Yeah, it’s a wonderful holiday to some people but I have never cooked for it. But now that I’ve come home, I’ve written up about twenty recipes for April Fool’s Day.

PH: What are your plans for the future?

BA: I think I’m going to start playing basketball for the Lakers. I’ll be their 2- guard. Well, really, the sky’s the limit, and I am hoping that this opens up so many doors for me.

PH: Do you feel bad about speaking up regarding helping Melissa or did you feel like something had to be said?

BA: It’s the competitive spirit in me that came out a little bit and for people who don’t know me; you might not want to watch me play basketball in Central Park. But Melissa and I are friends, and we might go out for martinis.

PH: Who do you like of the remaining eight to win it all?

BA: You know, it’d be great if they could all get their own TV show…they are all great individuals and amazing people. I’m going to wish them all luck, and whoever comes out on top deserves it.

The Next Food Network Star airs on Sundays at 9pm/8pm central on The Food Network.