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HBO’s “The Life and Times of Tim” gets return date


The second season of “The Life and Times of Tim” will premiere on February 2. Fans can expect 10 new episodes of the endearing, yet little-discussed animated comedy.

In addition, cabler has given “Tim” an attractive Friday timeslot: At 10:30 p.m. immediately following the new half-hour animated series “The Ricky Gervais Show,” based on the comedian’s popular podcasts. Previously, “Tim” was paired with “Summer Heights High,” which lasted only one season.

Much like the cabler’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Tim’s” premise is that he finds himself in awkward situations and usually does an awful job of finding an easy way out.

Tim” was created by Steve Dildarian, who also exec produces along with Tom Werner, Jimmy Miller, Mike Clements and Leynete Cariapa. Media Rights Capital produces.

Nick Kroll is certainly busy, isn’t he? While contributing voice work to “Tim” and “Sit Down, Shut Up,” Kroll also co-stars in the hilarious comedy, “The League.”

“The Life and Times of Tim” is very similar to “Dr. Katz” and “Home Movies” in tone and humor. Much of the dialogue is improvised and and plots are simple, yet fun.

Ricky Gervais on 60 Minutes

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As part of our site’s TV of the 2000s feature, Will Harris recently examined why certain British series couldn’t translate as well in America as “The Office.” The original series was created by Ricky Gervais, who also served as its star, co-writer, and co-director. While he’s reached international stardom in recent years, only comedy nerds and Brits generally know his complete journey. Last night, “60 Minutes” ran an interesting piece focusing on his humble beginnings, mid-life struggles, and sudden success.

Gervais is a candid interview. Rather than humor Lesley Stahl, he offers his blunt opinion on talent, celebrity, and money. Check it out.

“Flight of the Conchords” bows after two seasons

“Flight of the Conchords,” one of the most inventive comedies of the past decade, is not coming back for a third season. The reason why remains unclear. While the duo’s website suggests exhuastion, Variety reports that HBO cancelled the series. I remember reading a while back that the network was willing to give Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, and co-creator James Bobin an indefinite amount to produce another season. Considering its rabid fan base, the final decision likely came from the “Conchords” camp.

One can understand their creative fatigue. Besides constructing the story and script, the pair also wrote two complete songs per episode. And these songs aren’t just throwaways — they’re actually quite good. Although the total product of “Flight of the Conchords” only amounts to 11 hours (22 episodes), I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Of course, a movie is already rumored, but I’d expect a concert tour before they hit the big screen.

Hell yes: trailer for Kids in the Hall’s “Death Comes to Town”

On January 12, 2010, the new Kids in the Hall eight-part miniseries, “Death Comes to Town,” will premiere on Canada’s CBC-TV. No word yet on when the series will air in the States. Thankfully, troupe member Bruce McCulloch assures fans that “Death Comes to Town” will have a home on an America network.

New season sees Big 4 networks in control

college football

Strong dramas, freshman comedies, the World Series, and pro and college football are keeping CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox alive. Each network is either maintaining or increasing its viewership.

Fox, leading the season in adults 18-49 at this juncture for the first time, is up an impressive 17% vs. last year. A six-game World Series featuring the New York Yankees certainly helped, but Fox also has made ratings strides on other nights.

CBS, roughly flat for the season, has the best shot at sticking close to Fox thanks to its upcoming telecast of the Super Bowl combined with the most consistent sked week in and week out. It also should win in adults 25-54 and total viewers.

While the “CSI” franchise has cooled, “NCIS” remains a powerhouse and spinoff “NCIS: Los Angeles” has followed with good numbers of its own.

ABC, which has a comedic pulse thanks to its “Modern Family”-led Wednesday lineup, appears destined for a third-place finish but could top CBS some weeks down the stretch. It will benefit from college football’s championship game and the final season of “Lost.”

And NBC, even with its highest-rated season yet of “Sunday Night Football” and more than two weeks of Winter Olympics ahead in February, will finish fourth once again.

I think I know how to solve NBC’s prime time woes. The network just needs to cancel “The Jay Leno Show,” invent its own sport, and run the games at 10 PM on weekays. It’s obvious from the article that important sporting events will always bring in gigantic audiences — audiences that consist of various demographics. Everybody will watch sports — even people that hate playing them.

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