Whether you’ve got kids, you still feel like a kid inside, or some combination of the two, this weekend has you covered.

Super 8

Super 8 is undoubtedly the big movie of the weekend, though many have called into question its ability to draw in audiences. With word still going strong on X-Men: First Class, and no classic selling points to attach to Super 8, the mutants may take another weekend at the #1 spot. Word has been pretty strong in Super 8‘s favor, and the fact that it’s already seeing a backlash in critical circles is a good sign that it’ll register with audiences. Plus, awareness is out there, even if it’s not as high as Paramount would like – people camped out for as long as eleven hours to see the film at a sneak peak in Hollywood last night. Will the film’s obvious bid for early 80s nostalgia be enough? Hey, it worked for Transformers

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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer

This is falling strictly in the “if your kids want to see it” category (and, running at a scant 91 minutes, there are worse sacrifices to make for them). Currently rocking a 16%, Judy Moody is really just a “filler” movie. Nobody but the most hardcore grade school fans will remember it in a few months, and it was never intended as anything more than children’s entertainment. And that’s totally fine. For the critics who have deliberately sharpened their knives over this, I say to them that the film is not so immense and unavoidable as to deserve a thorough lashing (as, say, a Hangover 2), nor was it ever intended for you. In terms of the box office, expect modest returns for a modest film.

Beyond that, limited markets, as always, have a few more options. Bride Flight, which is NOT another wedding-based rom-com, but is from what I’ve heard quite good, will see a limited release, as will The Trip, a new comedy featuring Steve Coogan that is getting the usual praise from anglophiles. The Troll Hunter, one of those “Cloverfield”-style “found footage” movies about, well, trolls, will also be out on a few screens. Finally, Viva Riva!, an “African noir” and the first film from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in over twenty years, is coming out, and is getting quite a bit of praise, too.

Oh, and Midnight in Paris expands nationwide! I finally saw it last weekend, and it’s one of my favorite films of the year. Please do go.