For a reality show that changes things up frequently, “The Biggest Loser” can get a tad predictable and formulaic at times. That’s why I was fully expecting the final four to have to run a marathon as they have done the last few seasons. But alas, they did not. Maybe they felt they had proved their point. Anyway, here is how last night’s episode went down….

They had the final four–Jay, Irene, Hannah and Olivia–sit in a post-eliminating-Austin pow-wow with host Alison Sweeney and kind of feign fist pumps that they were in said Final Four. Okay, we get it! But seriously, who saw this coming? Tell me you had any of these folks in the finale.

Then came the initial challenge, sponsored by Jennie-O Turkey–where the contestants had to create the best tasting turkey burger for a bunch of kids. Yikes. The winner would take home $5K as well as a 2-week trip to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort for someone they love. Olivia tried to pass plain Greek yogurt colored with food coloring as “green slime,” but she must have forgotten to add sugar, because what kid eats plain flavored yogurt? Wait, what adult does?? Anyway, Irene made hers with turkey bacon and cheese, and hers was a dud too. It came down to Jay’s “volcano” burger in which he added ketchup and cheese that somehow spewed out like lava, and Hannah’s cheesy burger. Not surprisingly, Jay won.

Then came the main challenge, the final one on the ranch–and instead of going home and running a marathon and coming back to weigh in, they had this golf course challenge on campus. And in lieu of golf clubs, they carried golf bags with the weight numbers they lost each week, which they had to gradually shed. They usually do a variation of this challenge every season, and this one never seems to get old. Hannah won and her prize was a $15K home gym. Kaboing! Now, that’s a prize. Oh, I forgot, they had a gratuitous appearance by last season’s champ, Patrick House, who still looks great.

After the last last-chance workout, it was finally time to weigh in. Irene was first and lost 3 pounds, followed by Jay who lost 4. Olivia needed to surpass 3 pounds, and she did, losing 4. Olivia was in the finale for sure. Then it was Hannah’s turn, and she also had to lose 3 or more. She also lost 4, bringing her total lost this season to 102, and a spot in the finale with her sister. So America will vote for whether or not to put Jay or Irene up against the sisters for the title of the Biggest Loser, and which one will then compete for the $100K at-home prize.

Then they showed them all going home, which is always cool. But this group of finalists just seems really cool and deserving, as in past seasons, there were alliances and catty behavior around this point.

So there you have it, America… week is the finale….will you vote for Jay or Irene? Honestly, I have no clue who I’d vote for. But it’s been a long season, and we’re almost through it! See you next week…