Last night’s “American Idol” had everything but one thing–host Ryan Seacrest saying that the result was shocking. Because it sort of was. But he did start by saying that the 72 million votes are helping him keep his job, or something like that. Okay, on to the show…..

James and Scotty did a duet of a country ditty called “Start a Band” that was originally done by Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, and it wasn’t nearly as offensive as a song like that might be. Haley and Lauren then did Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead” and that was pretty good as well. Then after showing each of the finalists chatting with family members, it was time for the first result. There were three gold chairs at the far end of the stage, and it would hold each contestant that next week would be “going home” to have a hero’s welcome in their respective hometowns. And the first one to safety was….Lauren Alaina! Good for her. I have been pimping her since her first audition and she is hanging tough despite almost being eliminated last week.

Then they showed the four finalists sitting down to watch a tape of Lady GaGa doing that song “You and I” that Haley did last week. I kept thinking, “Where have I heard this?” and then, duh! It hit me. Then Enrique Iglesias did his new song(s), “Dirty Dancing” and “I Like It”…or are they one song? That was followed by Season 6 champ (wow, 4 years ago????) Jordin Sparks doing her new single, “I Am Woman.” Granted, it was one of those hardcore dance songs I would never listen too but it wasn’t bad at all. THEN they debuted Steven Tyler’s new video for “(It) Feels So Good”…man, never saw that coming…I didn’t even know Tyler was doing a solo thing on the side, but it was really good and very current sounding while maintaining that Aerosmith edge. Nice!

Finaly more results. Next to the gold chairs…Haley Reinhart! After J-Lo and Randy tried to send Haley home Wednesday night, she fought through it. Good for her. So it was between James and Scotty. Now, I have been thinking these last six-eight weeks that James was the guy to beat but also that Scotty was a dark horse. Well, Scotty is still a dark horse because he’s still in it, and James is headed home. Wow. I know you never know at this stage, but I am shocked that it was James. Now the final three are Haley, Scotty and Lauren. Remember when Haley and Lauren were the only women left after Pia was sent home? Now Scotty is the only dude left.

I know a lot of folks (Mrs. Mike and our pal Joey to name two) that are so angry right now, but hey, the show does this every year to folks I know. It’s polarizing yet hard not to watch, especially this year with the new judges. So we head into the final two shows now with two certifiable country artists and one who still might not know who she is.

Thanks for reading folks and see you back here next week (unless you are Mrs. Mike, or Joey).