Don’t you just love it when reality TV hosts, judges and contestants are “shocked” at something obvious? I am exaggerating, sure, but not a whole lot when you think about how things went down on “The Biggest Loser” last night.

First of all, thanks to the show NBC is pimping hard, “The Voice,” which premiered last night, they chopped “The Biggest Loser” down to an hour, a way more reasonable amount of time to expect us to devote, DVR or not.

They began with host Alison Sweeney talking about it being “favorites” week, meaning former contestants would be returning for cameo appearances. First, Ali, a former champ, and Sam, a favorite from a few seasons ago who is now a trainer on the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge ranch, led a workout and then showed the contestants some nutrition tips.

Then came the challenge, and it was a favorite from a few seasons ago, the car-pulling challenge. Guess who was back? Yep, Tara, the queen of challenges. First, NASCAR star Clint Bowyer showed up and then Ali announced that the prize for winning this challenge was to hang out in a sky box at a NASCAR race, and also getting their picture on the cover of a Wheaties box. Rulon said he didn’t get to be on a Wheaties box when he won his gold medal, so this was a shot at redemption. But to win, he’d have to beat Tara, who was competing against them.

It was a good race and actually was a photo finish between Rulon and Tara–and after review the winner was….Tara! Of course she won. Oh well.

Then it was time for the weigh-in and the promos kept promising something “shocking.” That announcement would come from Rulon, who announced he was leaving the show “for personal reasons.” Everyone was shocked, but I wasn’t. In fact, I had said to Mrs. Mike that I thought Rulon would be leaving. And considering Kaylee wanted to leave a few weeks ago, how shocking is it that this happened at all? Not very. So anyway, Rulon was out.

And now it was time for the weigh in, and someone else would be going home as well. Irene lost 3 pounds, bringing her weight loss to 101. Good for her. Kaylee GAINED 2 pounds, AGAIN. Yikes. Why does she keep fluctuating? Austin lost 7, Olivia 6, Jay 7 and Hannah 5.

So the bottom two were Irene and Kaylee. But with Hannah and Olivia being tight with Irene, and Kaylee having the lowest percentage of weight loss (errr, gain), Kaylee was doomed. And indeed, the sisters voted for Kaylee and Austin voted for Irene. So Kaylee lost, and this time was sent home against her will, though she didn’t seem too upset.

Kaylee has lost 68 pounds, and she also is now dating someone from the show, but no one you’d expect. It was Vance, who was part of the 13th “couple” who auditioned and just barely didn’t make the cut, but who along with his mom had the chance to join those on the ranch. Anyway, they are dating…good for them, another Biggest Loser courtship.

So that’s it folks….we’re now down to five–Irene, Olivia, Hannah, Austin and Jay…..all good people, so this should be interesting who makes the final four and who doesn’t next week.