One thing I noticed about this season of “The Biggest Loser” is that there are quite a few people, mostly the ladies, who have lost a ton of weight and look like athletes now. And fatter folks like Arthur, Jay (even though he’s back), Arthur and Q get voted off. Last night that happened again.

The episode began as the two teams were still in New Zealand, and this time they were in Queenstown, and also host Alison Sweeney announced that the contestants would be going to singles again. No more teams, not nearly as much gameplay. And since they were doing that, Brett the trainer was brought back. But he was brought back in a parachute. That was cool. But it was just a sign of things to come, as this episode featured a lot of extreme sporting challenges and workouts.

Kaylee and Hannah decided that they wanted to go jump off a cliff, and Cara reluctantly took them. Cara was terrified but the other two acted like it was the greatest thing ever, which, maybe it was, but yikes. Then Alison joined them all at the site of the first bungee jump, and after telling them all that they would riverboard for 25 miles as their challenge, Alison jumped. Wow, I wonder what the show’s attorneys thought about all of this.

Anyway, the riverboarding even looked really difficult, and there seems to be some tension growing among everyone except Rulon toward Rulon. He crept up to Olivia in the race, but Olivia held strong and won, with Kaylee second and Rulon third. Olivia’s prize was immunity, and a helicopter/lunch prize similar to Moses’ prize last week.

Then there was more extreme stuff–Brett took Jay and Austin mountain climbing, and Bob took Rulon and Irene bungee jumping. Then after some boring last chance workouts, it was time to weigh in.

Olivia went first and lost 4 pounds, but she was taken off the board as she had immunity. Jay was next and lost 5 pounds, followed by Irene with 4. Rulon went next and lost a whopping 10 pounds, and Austin lost 5. Ken lost 4, which wasn’t a lot for such a big dude, and Hannah lost 3, putting Ken and Hannah at the bottom with just Kaylee to weigh in. Kaylee lost 5, which to someone like Jay or Rulon would have been like 20. So it would be between Ken and Hannah.

Now, I thought for sure this would be a slam dunk that Hannah would go home, but it didn’t turn out that way. Austin of course voted for Hannah and Olivia voted for Ken. Irene then voted for Ken and Kaylee voted for Hannah. Then Jay voted for Ken, saying Hannah and Rulon kept him on the ranch one more week when he had a bad week. And even though it could be no worse than a tie, that also meant Ken was going home because he had the lowest percentage of weight loss between he and Hannah.

So there you go, another large man going home while a skinny girl stays on the ranch. For some reason, I’m going to be extremely annoyed if the final four is Kaylee, Irene, Hannah and Olivia. Honestly, I’m putting my money on Austin.

Anyway, Ken has gone from 377 pounds down to 238, a loss so far of 139 pounds. That’s remarkable and it appears he had a good shot at the at-home prize of $100K.

So now we are left with 7–Olivia, Hannah, Irene, Kaylee, Jay, Austin and Rulon. Kind of an odd final 7, don’t you think? Anyway, we’re barreling toward the finale, and I think next week as “The Voice” premieres, that this show will be a more realistic one hour instead of two. Whew.

That’s it, I’ll see you all next week!