Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” featured another surprise for the contestants–a trip to New Zealand. And the show featured a bit of everything. The first thing they had to do when the arrived was to climb up the famed tower in Auckland and either decide to take the stairs back down or jump off using bungee style wires. I don’t know about you, but I was getting the willies just watching that. Moses and Rulon were not allowed to do it based on their weight, and Jay because of a heart condition, but everyone else was eligible and chose to do it with the exception of Ken. Ken was terrified of heights, but Bob Harper said he would do it if Ken did, and Bob was equally afraid. But the both did it. But hell, I still wouldn’t!

Then they showed Moses telling Bob that his dad went to college in New Zealand, helping his family move to the US for a better life, Bob gave Moses his cell phone to call the dad. Pretty cool but way too fluffy a story. Then they showed Ken and trainer Cara fighting because Ken felt he needed more from Cara in the way of getting in his face and being more like Bob and Jillian. Ouch. But Cara was really indignant and defensive, just like most New Yorkers are (I am from there, I can say that!). But they kissed and made up.

Then the contestants did an America’s Cup style race on a sailboat with another boat of people we didn’t know…who were those people anyway?

Then the contestants had a 5K race on the beach, which looked grueling because of creeks and sand dunes. The blue team won, and their prize was a helicopter ride and a lunch on an island. Irene and Olivia gave their prize to Kaylee to let her enjoy the prize with her dad. This really is a great bunch of people this season, and that’s been evident since they broke up the red and black teams.

After a last chance workout featuring Cara getting in Ken’s face, it was time to weigh in.

Olivia went first and lost 2 pounds, Irene lost 3 and Moses lost zero. Uh-oh. Jay GAINED 2, Rulon lost 7 and Hannah lost 4; and despite Jay’s gain, Rulon and Hannah kept them safe this week. Kaylee GAINED 4 pounds. Yikes. But Austin lost 8 and Ken lost 6, keeping the green team safe as well. So it was blue, and Irene had immunity as she lost the most weight on her team. It was down to Olivia and Moses.

When they pleaded their case to the others, Olivia spoke about being 35 and married for 13 years without being able to have children, and that struck a chord with Moses, who loves his family so much that he asked everyone to vote him off. I wonder if Olivia knew that Moses would relent and used that card. Hmmmm. But anyway, everyone but Kaylee voted for Moses and he was sent home.

But Moses has gone from 440 pounds down to 273, a loss of 167. Awesome! He also flew back to New Zealand with his dad and bungee jumped. Good for him!

So now we’re down to 8 and I think they are going back to singles next week. Man, this show gets confusing. But there you have it. See you all next week!