I have to ask as I do occasionally. Does “The Biggest Loser” HAVE to be two hours long every week? Last night, I swear, there were commercials between each contestant’s weigh in. Well, not really, but between every team for sure…..and there was just so much fluff and stalling for time, while this show could have been easily 90 minutes long and maybe even one hour. But thankfully I watched it on DVR delay and skipped the crazy amounts of commercials.

They began with a challenge, where the contestants had to walk a mile and place a flag on where they thought was the exact spot that constituted one mile. There were markers all over the place, but they had to put a flag on the marker they thought was the mile marker. They also only had 15 minutes to do so. The winning team won a night of luxury in Hollywood, while the other three teams had to clean the campus. It was sort of like a “Hell’s Kitchen” type prize and penalty. Well, the black team of Hannah, Jay and Rulon won…even after Hannah’s complaining the whole way that they were approaching the challenge wrong. Ha!

Then Jillian had a chat with Rulon about the fact that he scarfed down a bag of chips late at night and was caught on camera. Dude feels like he deserves something like that after working so hard, but dude…..eat like that when you’re not trying to win a quarter of a million dollars! Jillian told him so but was not mean about it whatsoever.

Then after showing the black team out on the town and a lengthy last-chance workout, it was time to weigh in. Hannah went first and lost 4 pounds, while Jay lost 6 and Rulon 7.

The blue team went next and Olivia lost 2, Moses 7 and Irene 6–they had to lose 14 to stay in contention and they lost 15. So they were all safe while the black team was not.

The green team was next–Ken lost 4 pounds, but Kaylee lost just 1 pound and Austin 2. Uh-oh. The black team was safe and the green team was not with only Courtney of the red team to weigh in. She had to lose only 2 pounds to stay at the ranch, and with Brett working her like crazy, that was very likely. But she has struggled the last few weeks to lose more than 2-3 pounds. So then………wait, there is a commercial…..okay we’re back……Courtney lost 1 pound. Yikes. So she was automatically eliminated and the green team was safe.

Courtney was totally cool about it…..saying she was mentally prepared and could easily do this at home along with her mom, who was eliminated a few weeks ago. But this also meant Brett’s season was over. But Bob, Jillian and Cara were all standing there with their mouths open, and Bob was clearly angry. Hey, she lost fair and square, so I don’t know what the big deal was about–there was no gameplay at all. But they were upset because Courtney still has a long way to go while some contestants, like Kaylee and Hannah, appear to have reached their goals.

So Courtney went home and announced that she has lost 113 pounds since starting her journey on the show–but she also lost over 100 pounds before she even stepped foot on campus, because the show had inspired her so much at home. So she is now down to 210 pounds and I, for one, am so happy for Courtney. But what’s more, since her parents own a Dairy Queen franchise and she works there, Courtney brought in a regional rep and is trying to help change the DQ menu to include some healthy options. Good for her! And good for DQ for the product placement that provided.

So we’re down to three teams and nine contestants altogether. And wow, Brett’s red team were eliminated clean-sweep style the last three weeks. Too bad for him, but that’s how the tortilla chip crumbles (sorry, Rulon!). Thanks for reading and see you next week…