If you saw “American Idol” last night, you know what I mean by that subject line. But let me just say, this was one of the best episodes on the show, ever, for a few reasons. It was almost like a lite version of the season finale. Anyway, the show began with host Ryan Seacrest talking about how J-Lo’s husband, singer Marc Anthony, helped the contestants this past week by supplying in-ear monitors…and hey, they seemed to really work. Then came the group number, and with this being Motown week, they did Diana Ross’ classica “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and it wasn’t bad….but then came the best part….Stevie Wonder doing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” with the Idols singing backup….and then Stevie wishing Steven Tyler a happy birthday and singing to him, while a cake was brought out. Way, way cool.

On to some results…..Lauren, Pia and Scotty. All safe! Then Sugarland sang their new single, “Stuck Like Glue.” Um, okay. What a horrible song. Then James Durbin and Paul McDonald were next, but not before Ryan showed some video footage of these two goofing around at their mansion–doing wrestling moves and showing how into wrestling they both were. Ryan said that they were both “not safe” but didn’t mean it literally….because Hulk Hogan was brought out, and James and Paul were both freaking out. Then Hulk announced that both contestants were indeed safe this week, but that Seacrest was not, and he pushed him into the crowd. Awesome!

Then more results. Jacob, Thia and Stefano. Jacob, safe. Thia and Stefano, both in the Bottom 3. Okay, not a huge surprise considering this week’s performances were all great. Then Jennifer Hudson came out and sang her new single, “Where You At,” which was not bad at all, but the best part, as always, is hearing Jennifer’s amazing pipes.

Finally, Naima, Haley and Casey. Naima, safe. Haley, safe. Casey in the Bottom 3. Really? So the Bottom 3 was Casey, Stefano and Thia. Seacrest sent one back to safety, and that person was (and for some reason I already knew the answer) Thia. So it was down to Casey and Stefano. Had to be Stefano, right? Wrong. It was Casey, who maybe, just maybe, was doomed by having to go first on Wednesday. Otherwise, this was indeed shocking, as Seacrest made reference to in his opening remarks.

But wait…there was the judge’s save, and even before Casey started singing, I was thinking that this is what they have the save in place for. So Seacrest gave Casey the mic and he started to sing, “I Put a Spell on You,” but about 20 seconds in, Randy Jackson was waving his hands for Casey to stop, and Seacrest came out on stage to do just that. Randy said that they already knew what Casey was all about, and then deferred to Steven to announce that they would be using their one save this season on Casey. Damn, how awesome! Casey was flipping out, on the verge of fainting, a heart attack, crapping his pants, or all of the above. He couldn’t believe they would use their save on him, and dude was just so happy….he ran into the audience and hugged his parents, and high fived Seacrest and thanked the judges one by one. Then J-Lo spoke too and said she thought it was crazy that Casey wound up at the bottom, but that he deserves to be in this competition. So there you go. But wait, there’s more. Since they had already thought this might happen, they decided that there would be 11 contestants going on tour this summer instead of 10. Awesome again. But next week, two of them will be going home.

Ah yes, that moment and Casey’s reaction was almost as good as when Clay Aiken made an appearance a few years ago, shocking his superfan that was trying to impersonate him on stage in one of the Idol finale shows. And for the record, I completely agree with the judges’ decision on this. Again, THIS is why they have the save rule. So good for Casey. But man, this is a talented field. So who do you like? There really are several that seem like they can win it all, but I am not sure anyone will jump to the front of the pack for a few more weeks. Until then, enjoy the show for a while…..