Last night’s episode of “American Idol” proved that you have to be just amazing to compete this season. More on that in a minute, but the show began with Ryan Seacrest going off about the number of votes, etc. blah blah blah. Then of course, the awful group number–which, this week was a super weird combination of Steppenwolf and Lady GaGa. Really? Then the Ford video. Then, on to some results….dim the lights, please…..

Jacob, Lauren and Casey all were brought out, and before I even heard Seacrest announce anything, I knew all three of them were safe, and they were. Then Haley and Paul were brought out and I thought both of them might be in the Bottom 3, but it was just Haley. I’m still angered by this. Haley did a phenomenal job on Wednesday night in my opinion, but the judges, especially Randy, just panned her.

Then last year’s champ, Lee DeWyze, was brought out and did his new single, “Beautful Like You,” which is really pretty good. Of course, I still forwarded through most of his performance. Sorry, Lee! Next up….Scotty, Pia and James. All safe, no major surprises there. Then Stefano and Naima. One of them was safe….and that was Stefano. Naima really didn’t bring it so great on Wednesday and she also went first, which is never good for votes. Then it was Karen and Thia, and one was in the Bottom 3. I already knew the answer to this–Karen. For some reason, the voters love Thia, but let’s face it, Karen was by far the worst singer on Wednesday, and she’s the least talented of this bunch.

Then The Black Eyed Peas were on hand to peform their new single, “Just Can’t Get Enough,” which wasn’t bad, but I can’t take Will.I.Am singing through an auto tune machine. Can this part of pop/R&B music just go away?

So then back to business. The Bottom 3 was Haley, Naima, and Karen. First to safety–Naima. So down to Haley and Karen. The person who would have to sing for their American Idol life was….Karen. So Haley was safe, thankfully, and Karen was not, thankfully. Karen did her version of Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” complete with half the lyrics in Spanish to try and sway Jennifer Lopez. And of course, it wasn’t very good. But while it was going on, you could almost see J-Lo trying to convince Randy and Steven to use their save on Karen, but you could also almost see Steven shaking his head. I was screaming at the TV, “Don’t do it!” I mean, please….use that save on someone who may deserve it when the time comes.

Then after Karen finished, she begged and pleaded and promised to do better. Oh, come on. But thankfully, Randy delvered the news that they were not using the save on Karen, but added that it was not unanimous. Well, duh. I remember J-Lo saying Karen gave her goose bumps the last time she did “Hero,” so of course she had a soft spot. But man, she just didn’t deserve to even be in the Top 12.

So there you have it. We have a final 11 and next in line to go will probably be Naima, Haley, Paul and Thia…and/or possibly James and Stefano. That’s how I see it, anyway. Thanks for reading folks, and see you next week….