Last week I wrote that I thought the judges on “American Idol” were making a big mistake by making Ashton Jones a wild card, and not sending Robbie Rosen through. Was my point made loud and clear? Yes. More on that in a minute.

Last night’s results show was thankfully only an hour, unlike last week’s two-hour marathon. They showed footage of the contestants living in their Hollywood mansion, and then showed their awful group number, a Michael Jackson medley. Blech.

Then Ryan Seacrest mentioned that Casey Abrams was in the hospital again, but that he’d be back on stage next week. Yikes. We hope Casey is okay.

So Seacrest then had Jacob, Karen and Stefano come to the front of the stage. And he said, “All of you are safe……audience goes wild….except Karen.” Karen was in the bottom 3. Man, Seacrest blew that. How annoying for Karen and her fans. Anyway, Jacob and Stefano were safe.

Then Adam Lambert sang his new single, “Aftermath,” in stripped-down, acoustic fashion, and it was pretty good. But his screams are still just so annoying.

Next up, Lauren, Ashton and Haley were called to the front of the stage. Lauren was safe. And Ashton and Haley were both in the bottom 3. So everyone else–James, Paul, Pia, Casey, Scotty, Thia and Naima–joined Lauren, Jacob and Stefano in safety and will be back next week. The bottom 3 was Karen, Ashton and Haley.

Then the hip-hop super group of Diddy Dirty Money performed, and the song was actually really good.

Back to the results. Karen was safe. So it was down to Ashton and Haley. I really like Haley, but I felt like Randy Jackson in particular slammed her for no reason on Wednesday night. The person with the least number of votes this week was….Ashton. But wait….the judges’ save returns this season, which means they could save her…again. So Ashton sang the same crappy version of a Diana Ross tune, and the judges announced that they would not be using their only save for the season on Ashton.

Whew. That was a good call, America….and a good call by the judges because basically, they already gave her a second chance. And that reinforces what I said–that Ashton did not belong in the finals to begin with. Ah, redemption. But of course, Robbie Rosen is still watching the show from home just like I am.

Thanks for reading and see you all next week….