Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” host Alison Sweeney told both the red and black teams that they would have to each choose a captain for the week. The red team chose Justin and the black team chose Marci. The captains then met with Alison and she informed them that they would choose one person who would be allowed in the kitchen for the week (and cook for everyone else) and they had to choose two people to work out with the trainers, while everyone else had to find alternate ways to exercise.

The black team chose Olivia to cook and the red team chose Ken; and for the gym, the black team had Hannah and Sarah and the red team Kaylee and Ken. So Ken was doing both? Okay.

Then for the main challenge, the teams had to participate in a 100-yard obstacle course in the mud, without their feet touching the ground… on tires. It was weird. But if anyone from the team touched the ground, they had to go back to the previous obstacle. This was one of the oddest challenges on the show. But anyway, the black team won, mostly because the red team kept having to retreat as both Moses and Ken touched the ground at different times. The black team’s prize was $6K to split!

Then after the last chance workouts, it was time for the weigh-in. The red team went first. Justin lost 8 pounds; Rulon lost 8; Moses lost 8; Kaylee lost 5; Austin 6 and Ken lost 9. Their total was 2.61 percent which would be tough for the black team to beat.

Marci lost 5, and so did Courtney and Irene. Sarah lost 4, but then Olivia and Hannah lost 2 each, and Jen lost just 1 pound. Yikes. Their total was 1.76 percent. So of course Marci would try and have her team eliminate her, but she wound up with immunity with the highest percentage of weight loss on her team. So who would it be? This was an interesting vote for sure.

Marci went first and voted for Olivia, then Hannah, Jen and Courtney all voted for Sarah. Sarah voted for Jen, but then Olivia voted for Sarah, and that was that. Sarah was one of those contestants that you never felt like she was giving it her all most of the time, and that probably factored in here. So they showed her at home, and she looks great, having gone from 261 pounds to start, down to 169! Good for her, and we’ll see her at the finale.

But I was bummed the red team won this weigh-in, because I wanted so bad for them to have vote someone from their large alliance off. Maybe next week, and we’ll see you back here then….